2022 Officially Marks 4 Successful Years For CropBytes

It has often been said that time flies, and that is exactly the case when it comes to CropBytes as it has already been four years since the game was launched.

During that time, the game managed to experience all kinds of success, from being able to help users survive financially through the COVID-19 global pandemic, to reaching new all-time highs in terms of price as well as development.

For those who might not know, CropBytes is a farming simulation game built on crypto.

For CropBytes, it’s more than just creating a farming simulation game, the project’s main objective is to be at the center of the crypto gaming revolution with its naturally designed and sustainable game economy where users can play and earn.

Understanding CropBytes’ road to success

The launch of CropBytes in 2018 was a successful campaign where a lot of game NFTs were sold in the pre-sale. The project gained popularity and an increasing number of players started holding assets within the game. 

But the team was quick to predict a drop in NFT asset value with the approaching bear market. After a thorough study and consultations with economics as well as industry professionals, the team concluded that NFTs as a strategy will not be sustainable.

The team quickly moved to FTs (Fungible Tokens) as in-game assets and introduced an order book exchange.

The technique worked, and CropBytes successfully traversed the early bear market without the game’s participants bailing ship, unlike the communities of various other games.

CropBytes began with a basic economy and chose not to have many economic layers from day 1, such as implementing an inflation or deflation protocol, but the team had a clear plan for what had to be done in the years that followed.

A prominent illustration of this is that players were aware from the beginning that a ‘Version 2’ of the economy, including the ‘Service Economy,’ feature was in the works.

The team had planned to deploy it in 2020 but opted to postpone it and instead, they established an order book trading platform where players could exchange FTs.

How did CropBytes help during 2020?

Everyone would agree that 2020 was probably the most challenging year that we had in a long time. The world went into a lockdown, and many were left without jobs.

Fortunately, CropBytes was there to help, as after operating the game for over two years, the team accumulated expertise researching market cycles and forecasted the impending bull market of 2020.

That’s when everything began, as the team was properly equipped with vital features and a wonderful product, as well as the new in-game referral program, which drew a large number of individuals from new audiences such as Southeast Asia and South America.

This massive surge of gamers currently accounts for almost 45% of all active players. 

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As aforementioned, when the pandemic initially started, many established participants lost their jobs, and CropBytes became their only alternative for financial stability.

Not only did this bring everyone together during a very trying time, but it was clearly a watershed moment in CropBytes’ history, as the team saw numerous members raise their respective portfolios by more than a massive 8,900%.

With that in mind, CropBytes players are highly committed to their CropBytes metaverse assets, even more than their real-world ones.

They exist in the metaverse and do their best to contribute to the continued growth of the economy nearly every day.

The launch of CBX, the in-game token

It’s quite common to see projects in this space issuing tokens despite the lack of a product. According to the developers of CropBytes, if the product is strong and they can build a community around it, the project can be hosted on popular chains instead of creating a native token.

This is exactly what CropBytes did, they used TRX as the in-game currency, providing value to TRX as millions of TRX worth of trading was taking place in the game market.

Its only after 3 years that the team felt the need to finally launch their own native token CBX. This turned out extremely beneficial to those players who are seasoned veterans and stayed with CropBytes for a long time.

After a successful launchpad which was established by the exchanges MEXC and Bybit, along with crucial support from reputable industry leaders.

These include Sandeep Nailwal (CEO & Co-Founder of Polygon), Siddharth Menon (COO & Co-Founder of WazirX), and prominent venture capitalists like Draper Dragon, Exnetwork Cap, among others, CBX was able to experience successful debuts on the abovementioned exchanges.

Nischal Shetty (CEO & Co-Founder of WazirX), Harsh Rajat (Founder of EPNS), and many more crypto industry heavyweights contributed as well.

CBX has been quite successful. 

What’s next for CropBytes?

CropBytes’ main purpose is to give its clients an efficient method for harnessing the potential of crypto so that users can both play and earn.

It’s the first crypto game to be launched on Android, IOS, and WebGL at once, the game has over 550,000 sign-ups along with 15,000 average daily active users.

Plans involve mini-games, work on the metaverse, and much more is being planned even as we speak.

Needless to say, CropBytes has done exceedingly well for itself thus far, and as per the official roadmap and whitepaper, the best is yet to come.Follow CropBytes on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram for frequent updates and additional information.


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