2M GDX for D5 Exchange Maker Orders on Arbitrum

All About Gridex's Second Airdrop: 2M GDX for D5 Exchange Maker Orders on Arbitrum




The first Gridex Airdrop of 4 million GDX was completed in less than a day, with participation from 10,000 addresses.

Ten days later, Gridex formally announced that the second airdrop, consisting of 2 million GDX, would begin on March 1st.

Gridex Airdrop #2 keynotes:

  • 2,000,000 GDX in total
  • Open to EVERYONE
  • Last for 10 days

D5 Exchange will be the first order book Dex&aggregator on Ethereum, building on the Arbitrum ecosystem and using Gridex as an advanced underlying trading protocol. The audits conducted by CertiK and ABDK are finished, respectively.


A permissionless, non-custodial trading protocol called Gridex was created on Ethereum using an immutable collection of smart contracts. Gridex has achieved order book gas costs as low as AMMs with zero-slippage and negative fees thanks to their innovative “maker orders.”




D5 Exchange

The first aggregator to combine the strength of order books and AMMs is D5.xyz. D5 is about to revolutionize the decentralized exchange industry with its ground-breaking trading platform built on Gridex, and liquidity gathered from top AMMs Uniswap and Curve.

How to participate(Gridex airdrop page):

Date&Time:1st of March 00:00:00 UTC – 10th of March 23:59:59 UTC


Important!! You need to meet ALL requirements for the airdrop!!

1)Orders have to be made in D5 Exchange and on Arbitrum One;

Entrance: https://trade.d5.xyz/.

2)ETH/USDC trading pair only;

*ETH buy order or ETH sell order.

3)0.05% Grid only;

4)Fully filled orders only.

Only 4 Steps to follow:

1)Make sure you have ETH and/or USDC in your wallet on Arbitrum One

  • By Ethereum – Arbitrum One cross-chain bridge:https://bridge.arbitrum.io/
  • By transferring from centralized exchanges which supports Arbitrum: Binance、Bitget、Bybit、Crypto.com、Houbi、Kucoin、MEXC、OKX;
  • By purchasing from: Banxa、CryptoRefills、FluidFi、Mt Pelerin、Ramp、SImplex、Transak、Wirex.


3)Connect your wallet and switch to Arbitrum One

4)Make orders of selling and/or buying ETH with ETH/USDC trading pair

How to use D5 to make orders:《A step-to-step guidance of D5 Exchange

5)Claim your filled asset and trading fee after the order has been fully executed and check your airdrop reward on the Gridex Airdrop page the next day.

The specific calculation of airdrop rewards:

You can use the listed examples for a better understanding.

Rewards of a maker order = [M*C / ∑(M*C)] * T * 50%

The order amount is denoted by M;

The order coefficient is denoted by C;

The total daily maker rewards are denoted by T.

C is calculated in the following way:

When N ≤ 10, C = N3

When 10 < N ≤ 60, C = 1000 + (N – 10)2

When N > 60, C = 3500 + (N – 60)

If the maker order is not fully filled or cancelled within that day, C = 0.

*The reward for a given maker order depends on its share of the total M*C of all the maker orders in the same token belonging to this trading pair on that day.

*The rewards are calculated separately for each of the two tokens in the ETH/USDC (0.05% grid) pair, and the rewards are split equally between them.

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