3.1 Billion SHIB Destroyed Since December with 1.3 Billion Gone in January: Details

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Yuri Molchan

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Over 1.3 billion Shiba Inu were burned last month, while 3.1 billion have been destroyed since December 1

Recent data shared by the @shibburn Twitter account states that well over one billion SHIB tokens have been removed from circulation permanently in January 2022.

This month, this particular project plans on burning up to half a billion SHIB. Meanwhile, over three billion SHIB have been sent to a dead wallet since December.

3.1 billion burned since December

In a recent tweet, the team behind the @shibburn Twitter account stated that in January, which just ended, a total of 1,321,145,209 Shiba Inu tokens got destroyed by various teams of the Shib Army. The USD equivalent of this massive crypto amount, though, constitutes slightly under $29,000, since the exchange rate of the second largest canine crypto is $0.00002154.

One of the projects that regularly updates the community on burning SHIB and sends coins to the dead wallet is “SHIBtyme.” According to it, during the last week of January, 339,025,547 SHIB was incinerated with a total of 3,109,996,329 tokens burned since Dec. 1.

That is 0.0005274% of the total Shiba Inu supply removed from circulation with an average daily burn destroying 50,983,546 tokens.

414 million SHIB burn expected this month

The @shibburn team also tweeted that so far it has earned $3,900 to buy SHIB with and burn it. This was enough to purchase 179,063,360 tokens. By the end of the month, they expect to increase this fiat amount to $8,000-$9,000, enough to buy 368,324,125 or 414,555,504 SHIB, respectively.

Excellent guys! $3.9k is the total in profits that will be burned once money is cleared, around February 21st. The last two days we had more activity. Going by those numbers we can burn anywhere from $8k to $9k next month with just the website. More to come.

These profits are being made through the aforementioned website that was launched about two weeks ago. One of the ways this website gains profit for burning SHIB is users clicking on advertisements. However, @shibburn warns not to overuse that option in order not to get sanctioned by Google.

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56.6 million SHIB gone in 24 hours

According to the same source, over the past 24 hours, overall 56,610,790 have been destroyed. By now, 410,301,843,009,529 Shiba Inu tokens have been incinerated overall, which is 41.03018% of the initial quadrillion SHIB emission.

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