3 gambling-related tokens in 2022

1Taking into account that crypto are getting more popular, online casinos have adopted cryptocurrency as a new payment method. Crypto gambling is simple and secure. This is due to the global and decentralized nature of digital assets. People who play with digital money have a considerable advantage over those who play with fiat money. In this article, we’ll review the top 3 gambling tokens that are worth watching in 2022.

Top 3 gambling tokens


LBLOCK is one of the most appropriate and effective cryptos among others for gambling. At the time of writing, LBLOCK is worth $0.005. It is important to note that Crypto had a fantastic week, with its value constantly growing. On February 4, 2022, it was valued at $0.001; after that, it began to rise, reaching $0.007 on February 11, 2022. Since then, it has begun to fall below $0.005. The value of LBLOCK will rise and by the end of the year, it will reach $0.019. The main reason behind this is that experts predict the rise of popularity of crypto betting and online gambling, where the gamblers are more likely to use LBLOCK as a payment method. Moreover, this token is expected to continue to increase in value until it reaches $0.027 in 2023. It is believed that the cryptocurrency will be worth $0.055 in 2025, while in 2031, LBLOCK will equal $0.54. The price chart below is an illustration of the coin price prediction.

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Decentral Games

Decentral Games, often known as DG, is a popular cryptocurrency among gamblers. Despite a tumultuous week, the coin remains a favorite among crypto casino enthusiasts. The token was valued at $0.36 at the start of the week. Following that, the DG began to appreciate in value, reaching $0.42 on February 8, 2022, but the coin fluctuated and plummeted below $0.35 soon after. However, it’s worth noting that the DG price has rebounded and is now projected to be $0.39 at the time of writing. According to technical analysis, the token will rise in the future and reach $0.62 by the end of the year. Also, it is believed that the coin will surpass $1 by the end of 2024, reaching $1.32. The DG’s value will thereafter progressively rise, according to analysts, until it reaches $15.89 by the end of 2031. The chart below shows the token price changes.

Decentral Games
Decentral Games


FUNToken is a well-known cryptocurrency that is usually utilized by gamblers. FUNToken is worth $0.0112 at the time of writing. This crypto, like LBLOCK, had a terrific week. Since its low point of $0.01009 on February 4, 2022, crypto has begun to rebound, reaching a high point this week of $0.01178 on February 10. According to forecasts, the token’s value will rise steadily in the future. By the end of 2022, the token is expected to be worth $0.18. Following then, it will continue to climb and surpass $0.01, reaching a price of $0.12 by 2027. It is expected that the coin would reach $0.50 by 2031.


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