3 ways to profit from your crypto even as prices tank


The crypto bear trend continues, and many digital currency owners are witnessing a steady devaluation of their virtual assets. However, there are a number of ways in which to hedge against a falling market and actually generate revenue, even in a downturn. 

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Use a crypto arbitrage strategy

One way to make money in a bear market is with crypto arbitrage. This type of investing strategy makes a profit from temporary price inefficiencies, which occur in both upturns and downturns. These are brief windows in which a coin is available across multiple exchanges at different prices, at the same time.

To see how it works, let’s take the ArbiSmart (RBIS) platform as an example. It’s an EU authorized interest-generating wallet and crypto-finance ecosystem that offers automated crypto arbitrage. 

Automated crypto arbitrage

The ArbiSmart algorithm scans nearly 40 exchanges around the clock, tracking hundreds of coins at once to identify price disparities. The user deposits funds, which are instantly converted into the native token, RBIS, and used to take advantage of the price differences. The automated system buys the coin at the lowest available price then sells at the highest to generate a profit before the price difference resolves itself.

These temporary price disparities occur for all kinds of reasons, like differences in the liquidity level and trading volume between a large exchange and a smaller one and critically, they arise just as frequently in a bull or bear market

So, with Bitcoin’s downturn having passed the 200-day mark you can continue to watch your BTC drop in value or with crypto arbitrage, you can put it to work to earn a consistent, predictable profit. In fact, with ArbiSmart, the exact amount you will make over any given time frame can be calculated in advance, based on the deposit amount, with annual yields starting at 10.8% and reaching up to 45%.  

Earn interest on your crypto capital

Sticking with our ArbiSmart use case, you can put your crypto to work on your behalf with an interest-generating wallet. Instead of just HODLing and leaving the funds to sit idle, your Bitcoin is being securely stored and earning a passive profit.

Earn interest and passive profit

The project is launching its new interest-generating wallet later this month, which will support a broad range of FIAT and cryptocurrencies. Users can pick from a variety of savings plans, where funds are locked, for a set period, in return for up to 147% a year on RBIS and 49% a year on all other currencies.

Wallet holders can choose to keep the daily interest they earn locked in savings, alongside the capital on which it is being earned. Alternatively, it can be transferred each day to an open balance where it can be withdrawn at any time, without touching the original deposit, which remains locked.

Prepare for what comes next

So far, we’ve looked at ways to bring in revenue during a downturn, but it is also critical to look ahead at how investing in the right coin now can lead to huge capital gains further down the line. The best coins to invest in during a crash are likely to grow over the long term and these tend to be coins that power projects which offer value-added utilities as well as ongoing development.

Ongoing developments

Here too ArbiSmart (RBIS) stands head and shoulders above the competition. This up-and-comer was first listed on exchanges in January of this year, and the coin is gaining ground as new utilities are being introduced in rapid succession throughout the remainder of 2022.

Soon after the June release of the interest-generating wallet a mobile version will be launched. This will be closely followed in Q3 by the introduction of a collection of thousands of unique pieces of digital art and an NFT marketplace where  participants will be able to use RBIS to buy non-fungible tokens. 

Simultaneously, ArbiSmart will also be launching a decentralized yield farming program, offered via Uniswap, with which users can interact directly through the ArbiSmart dashboard. The program will enable participants to stake funds in ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS liquidity pools for 0.3% of the fees on each trade and up to 190,000% APY. 

Following all these developments, at the end of the year ArbiSmart also plans to introduce a cryptocurrency exchange of its own as well as a gaming metaverse. With RBIS as the in-game currency, gamers will be able to play-to-earn, buying and developing virtual real-estate and then selling it for a profit.

All these new utilities will require use of RBIS and will introduce new audiences to the ArbiSmart ecosystem. As a result, token demand will grow, while the supply, which is finite, capped at 450M RBIS, will shrink. As demand outpaces supply the price is likely to rise meaning significant capital gains.

Even as prices are tanking, savvy crypto holders are generating sizable passive profits, investing in projects like ArbiSmart that are expanding and evolving to embrace new crypto trends.   

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