63 Billion SHIB Tokens Purchased by These Whales Just Recently

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Yuri Molchan

Crypto whales continue to lay their hands on large amounts of Shiba Inu meme coins

According to data provided by Etherscan tracker, over the past couple of hours, large cryptocurrency holders, known widely as crypto whales, have acquired a massive amount of the second largest meme token, Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Etherscan has spotted four transactions, which transferred a total of 63 billion SHIB tokens to four wallets.

It is possible that some of these transactions were acquisitions. Four lumps of SHIB were bought; the first two were 6,114,330,557 SHIB and 1,087,650,366 SHIB. The other two stashes purchased and tracked by Etherscan both carried 28.041 billion meme tokens.

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One of the wallets that received 28,041,132,100 SHIB—0x0000006daea1723962647b7e189d311d757fb793—contains 63,947,289,783 SHIB at the time of writing. According to Etherscan, this is Wintermute, a crypto market maker that provides liquidity to its partner crypto exchanges.

Image via Etherscan

The other wallet of these two—0xcf98c7143d1fb818a4567e29f07e844e7d9ddfc2—received 28,127,901.3684 SHIB from a KuCoin wallet, and it is likely that this crypto was bought. This is the only amount of SHIB on the balance of this crypto address.

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