A New Hold-to-Earn Experience on the Solana Ecosystem 

Ethereum continues to pioneer the NFT craze, hosting the largest number of NFT projects. But for how long? The network’s exorbitant gas fee is pushing both developers and users to other innovative, scalable, and cheaper blockchains.

Following the Great Gas War of 2021 and the fall of House Ether, a new NFT project dubbed AGE of SAM was launched on Solana to cater for survivors.

What is AGE of SAM?

AGE of SAM (AOS) is a Hold-to-Earn utility NFT platform that seeks to create a strong community on the Solana network while also exceeding industry standards and adding further value.

With its innovative Cross-Pollination model, AOS intends to deliver both utility and magnitude. The project has caught the attention of several major network players across the Solana ecosystem who have joined forces with AOS to drive its ambitious goals.


AOS has partnered with 12 established Solana projects to build its community and provide utility for users. The 12 partner projects are described in its sci-fi lore as the 12 Factions of the prominent House SOL, highlighting the edge Solana has over Ethereum in relation to gas fees.

The 12 projects are KAM1, Ernest in Disguise, SolPunks, Pixel Invaderz, ArtPunks, Unirexcity, Piggy Sol Gang, The Fellowship, Dope Apes, Pesky Penguin Club, Meerkat Millionaires Country Club, and Dronies.

The AOS team is made up of experienced developers, designers, video game producers, artists, community managers, marketing and public outreach experts, advisors, and content writers from across the globe. They all possess a wealth of experience in the NFT and crypto space.

How Does it Work?

The 12 Factions of House SOL are the official AGE of SAM partner projects and are represented as NFTs called SAMs (Solarium Autonomous Miners). These NFTs are machine-generated by sampling the DNA of the 12 Factions. Namely, these are KAM1, Ernest in Disguise, SolPunks, Pixel Invaderz, ArtPunks, Unirexcity, Piggy Sol Gang, The Fellowship, Dope Apes, Pesky Penguin Club, Meerkat Millionaires Country Club, and Dronies.

Each SAM NFT is designed as an homage to the 12 partner project NFTs in an animated, pixelated form. Since they are randomly generated, no two SAMs are exactly alike. The degree of their differences represents their rarity.

There are about eight levels of rarity on the SAM NFTs. They are Recruits, Scouts, Technicians, Engineers, Scientists, Commanders, Captains, and Admirals.

The project minted on The Fellowship Creator Machine platform on February 16th. The Fellowship is one of the 12 official AOS partner projects and the developers of the leading innovative Solana NFT launchpad.


AOS Utility

The AGE of SAM project promises to provide players and partners with a lot of utility and benefit for the entire ecosystem. Here are some of them.

  • Project Cross-Pollination

By partnering with other established projects on the Solana network, AOS is creating more exposure for all the participants while incentivizing players to hold the tokens of other NFT projects. Players can earn up to 2x SOLARIUM, the project’s native token, by simply holding a SAM NFT representing the 12 partner projects.

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One of the benefits of partnering with AOS is that anyone who holds a SAM NFT and also holds an NFT from one of the partner projects will be earning twice the SOLARIUM tokens during the weekly Moon missions.

  • Building Strong Relationships and Trust

The partnership between AOS and the 12 projects eliminates any idea of rug pulls as these are established and reputable projects on the Solana network. It boosts the trust investors have in the project and increases adoption.

Additionally, it builds the relationship between the teams of every partner project, giving room for an accelerated exchange of ideas providing cross-project support, and an expanded group of like-minded developers working together to benefit everyone involved.

  • Play-to-Earn Games for Users

AOS is currently developing a strategic dungeon crawler game in partnership with a AAA game studio. There the SAM NFTs represent playable characters and environments from the game and earn $SOLARIUM.

The platform will utilize the weekly Moon Missions to serve as competitions between the partner communities, with the Factions that earn the most SOLARIUM also being rewarded with NFTs and other prizes. Holding NFTs from the various factions allows players to earn more during the Moon Missions.


SOLARIUM is the native token of the AOS project. Since every SAM NFT possesses different traits, their degree of rarity will determine the maximum amount of SOLARIUM a SAM can mine on a Moon Mission per day.

Recruits can mine up to 2 SOLARIUM every day, Scouts mine 2.5, Technicians mine 3, Engineers mine 3.5, Scientists mine 4, Commanders mine 5, Captains mine 6, and the rarest of them all, Admirals, can mine up to 7.5 SOLARIUM every day.

The project also plans to roll out what it calls the “clever tax,” which will discourage unstaking. All SOLARIUM revenue from the tax will be channeled back to building and developing the AOS community.

In terms of the team, it consists of an international group of designers, developers, artists, community managers, marketing and public experts, as well as video game producers and content writers with plenty of experience in the NFT and cryptocurrency space. Users are able to get in touch with them at the official Twitter or Discord.


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