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Cardano Proves To Be The Crypto To Watch In 2022 As Transaction Volume Skyrockets




Cardano’s core development team, Input-Output Global (IOG), has successfully increased the network’s block size by 10%, thus speeding up transactions and improving the performance of its decentralized applications (DApps).

This milestone comes amid a series of improvements to the underlying protocol that has been scheduled for this year.

Cardano Grows Block Size By 10%

In a tweet earlier this week, IOG confirmed the implementation of a proposal to increase Cardano’s block size. Previously standing at 80 kilobytes, the network’s mainnet block size saw a 10% increase to 88KB.

Block size refers to the maximum data capacity a single block can record on the blockchain. Larger sizes allow for more transactions to be included in new blocks.

Input-Output said expanding Cardano’s block size to 88 kilobytes was a significant network enhancement that aims to increase throughput and scalability. The company also expects the performance of DApps to improve.




IOG indicated that it would closely monitor the performance of the Cardano network over the next five days (at least one epoch) to establish how much further it will bump up the block size. The previous bump in block size happened in early February when it was increased by 11% from 72KB.

With the rapid surge in ADA’s transaction volume in recent months, the developers intend to continue improving the network cautiously and gradually.

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The Cardano development team is mostly focused on optimizing the network as it prepares for the Hard Fork Combinator event as part of the Basho scaling stage.

Can ADA Price Post Big Gains Following Cardano Network’s Improvements?

Since the rollout of the Alonzo upgrade in September 2021, Cardano has been slowly adding a raft of more features after extensive scientific research and peer review. This has brought Cardano closer in line to Ethereum and other smart contract networks that dominated the cryptosphere in recent years.

Despite the booming fundamentals, it has been a slow burn for the ADA price. The coin has been trending sideways for months, remaining under the influence of macro factors like the Russia-Ukraine crisis and tighter monetary policies in the West.

It remains to be seen whether the impressive network improvements will be enough to trigger a significant turnaround in trading sentiment, thereby breaking the months-long downtrend.

In response to an ADA holder who was concerned about the coin’s lackluster performance, Cardano founder and IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson stated that nothing is wrong and Cardano is “stronger and more useful as an ecosystem than it’s ever been.”

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