Alpha Finance Lab Launches Alpha Venture DAO To Support And Advance Web3 Innovation Efforts

Launched in 2020, Alpha Finance Lab is among the fastest-growing cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems that address many of the current challenges while maintaining ease of use. The platform has already launched its decentralized lending protocol and leveraged yield farming, and a non-order book of perpetual swap products.

To further expand its nascent presence and footprint across the Web3 ecosystem, Alpha Finance Lab has now launched the Alpha Venture DAO, a “builders’ DAO” designed to connect Web3 users and developers to facilitate cutting-edge Web3 innovation.

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Through this newly-launched decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Alpha Finance Lab intends to offer end-to-end support and mentorship to Web3 projects. Alpha Venture DAO’s partner Terraform Labs and a group of more than 50 Web3 thought leaders, influencers, and investors will be responsible for overseeing and participating in these activities. In addition to this support from industry experts, all incubated Web3 projects under the Alpha Venture DAO will also be able to tap into Alpha’s growing community of more than 100,000 Web3 users.

The Alpha Venture DAO is a fully decentralized venture capital fund specifically intended to disrupt the existing Web3 funding model. Alpha community members can offer their expertise and skills to support all incubated projects further and, in turn, become owners of futuristic ventures way before they are launched across more mainstream marketplaces.

Currently, Alpha Venture DAO has partnered with more than 50 like-minded entities and individuals, including Alpha Network, AVA Labs, The Spartan Group, Multicoin Capital, SCB10X, AlphaLab Capital, Terraform Labs, Jason Choi, and Darryl Wang, as well as leaders from Coinbase, Capital, Bitmex, Band Protocol, Acala Network, 1kx, SIG, and many more.

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Since its launch, Alpha Venture DAO has incubated several multi-million dollar Web3 projects like Beta Finance, pStake, and GuildFi. All of these projects have already received funding from tier-1 venture capital funds and have launched their native tokens.

Alpha Finance Labs has stressed that incubation is just one small part of Alpha Venture DAO. The Alpha team aims to develop and launch more category-defining products over the long term to create synergistic value within the Alpha ecosystem. Moreover, in the future, the community will be able to contribute to Alpha’s in-house products and vote on DAO governance through the ALPHA token.

Tascha Punyaneramitdee, the Co-Founder of Alpha Venture DAO, explains, “Since the Web3 industry is still in its infancy, we believe that it will go through multiple phases of growth. In order to remain relevant over the next 10 years, we have to be agile in how we create and capture value. This is why we don’t limit ourselves to only building in-house products, but we also started incubating external projects in order to grow into a multi-chain dApp ecosystem. Hence, the ALPHA token will be a proxy for Web3 innovation.”

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