ArbiSmart: EU certified financial service hub


While the crypto market offers huge profit potential, it is also incredibly volatile, involving a high level of risk, and success is far from guaranteed.

However, the ArbiSmart platform is an EU authorized interest-generating wallet and financial services hub,  that has a first-of-its-kind sell feature that pays out either 200% or 900% above the market value, every single time you sell currency via the dashboard, without exception.

Sell Your Digital Assets for a X10 Profit

The ArbiSmart sell function lets you sell any of its 25 cryptocurrencies, at any time, for triple the price, except, when you sell RBIS, the native token, in which case you earn 10 times the price. To get the higher rate you need to meet two conditions, which are a 24-month vesting period and a minimum sale amount, which differs depending on the cryptocurrency being sold.


So, if your Ethereum or other chosen crypto suddenly drops in value, you can sell it via the ArbiSmartdashboard and prevent any further loss in the value of your capital, while also making X3 profit on a sale that would otherwise have lost you money.

If you sell €800 worth of Ethereum, you will instantly be credited €2,400, which will become accessible, once the vesting period is complete. Whereas if you choose to sell €800 worth of RBIS, €8,000 will be withdrawable as soon as the vesting period is over.

The minute the new sale function was launched, savvy traders immediately understood that they could perform a type of manual arbitrage, buying RBIS on external exchanges, at market value and then selling it via the ArbiSmart platform for a guaranteed 1,000% profit. This has resulted in a surging RBIS price.

While You Are Logged In …

ArbiSmart offers a variety of additional sources of profits, which involve close to zero risk. Each of these utilities is driving demand for the native token, while eating into the finite supply, which is forever capped at 450M RBIS.

Purchase Crypto and FIAT 

For a start, ArbiSmart doesn’t just reward the sale of cryptocurrencies through the platform, it also offers discounts of up to 50%, every time you buy either crypto or FIAT.

As soon as you’ve chosen a currency to purchase, you will be shown a choice of discount percentages and the conditions for receiving each one. Discounts on currency purchases range from 10% to 50%, with the percentage size depending on certain factors. These include the currency you are buying, the duration of the vesting period, and the amount being bought. In a few cases, you may also be required to lock a certain amount of RBIS until the vesting period ends.


Open a Wallet

Another popular service offered by ArbiSmart is its interest-generating wallet, which generates passive profits on both FIAT and crypto, of up to 147% a year.


The exact amount you make depends on your account level, which is based on how much RBIS you own. Balances in any of ArbiSmart’s 30 supported currencies will still earn a passive profit, even if the holder owns no RBIS, but you make a higher interest rate on wallet balances in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, the more RBIS you hold. If your balance is in RBIS, then the returns are even better.


With every new RBIS utility ArbiSmart introduces, token demand increases, as the finite supply shrinks. Once demand exceeds supply, the token price will go up even higher, creating substantial capital gains for RBIS holders.

Over the next 4 months, ArbiSmart is also introducing a suite of additional RBIS utilities, including an NFT marketplace and a game-changing DeFi protocol offering an innovative staking service, with never-previously-seen gamification features that allows yield farmers to increase their profits with exclusive in-game NFTs. These new services are likely to further drive demand, pushing up the price even more.


The ArbiSmart project is generating steady, predictable profits, within the world’s most unpredictable financial market. To guarantee that you will earn up to ten times the value of your digital assets, on every single sale, sell crypto now!

*This article has been paid for. Cryptonomist did not write the article or test the platform.

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