Armaldia Play-to-Earn Ecosystem Launches on BNB Chain

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Vladislav Sopov

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A novel social MMO cryptogame is ready to unveil cutting-edge gameplay and tokenomics on BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain)


Armaldia is a multi-platform play-to-earn NFT-centric game on BNB Chain. It has launched to push the barriers of blockchain-based “social” gaming and protect players from censorship and frauds.

Introducing Armaldia: Three phases of game plot

Since its launch in early 2022, the Armaldia game established itself as a reliable GameFi ecosystem on BNB Chain. Its virtual world displays a planet where a never-ending conflict raged between wild land and tech land.

The infrastructure of the game includes two types of objects (buildings). All buildings constructed specifically for war (non-tokenized) can be destroyed, while tokenized buildings remain safe. As such, to create a safe ecosystem, users should purchase Armaldia’s NFTs.

The entire gameplay cycle includes three phases. The first is preparation: users construct buildings and purchase and exchange tokenized resources to prepare for war.

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The second phase is the war itself: users generate the power to attack counterparties and to protect their own territories from being destroyed by enemies.

Once the conflict phase is over, users proceed to the third stage, or “Recovery.” Both parties scavenge resources to get prepared for the next clashes.

Armaldia unlocks opportunities for GameFi on BNB Chain

As per the statement of its team, Armaldia combines all advantages BNB Chain offers to decentralized gaming. For instance, in-game transactions in its gameplay are charged with zero fees.

The entire architecture of Armaldia is decentralized: no central party can control the strategies and income of its players. This makes passive and semi-passive income with Armaldia’s play-to-earn module straightforward as never before.

Also, Binance’s BNB Chain is the perfect technical basis for NFTs: Armaldia released almost 200,000 tokenized land plots for sale. Each of them can generate revenue even when its owner is offline.

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