Art Blocks Explorations Sales Are Up – Was it a Surprise?

art blocks
art blocks

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The number of sales for Art Blocks Explorations is up. ProsperCircle data shows that the NFT project has made a total of 693 sales in the last 24 hours.

The floor price for the collection is currently 0.160 ETH with a total of 242 owners. The highest price for the collection in the last 24 hours is 1.6 ETH.

What is Art Blocks Explorations?

Art Blocks Explorations is an NFT project meant to give life to the compelling works of contemporary generative art. The first token for the project was minted on October 26, 2022, and 22,573 tokens have been minted so far. The project runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is good for individuals who love generative art.

Art Blocks Explorations brings ephemeral physical objects and generative art together in the form of friendship bracelets. The NFT project is a combination of creative coding and a beautiful spectrum of embroidery floss colors. Art Blocks has used the NFT project to appreciate its community members through free mints.

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The Signal had been identified

The Art Blocks Explorations signal had been identified by NFT Signals, an NFT trading platform. Investors who executed their trades in the direction of the signal netted a healthy profit.

NFT Signals is made up of a team of highly skilled alpha callers who identify profitable trades early and share signals with users in real-time. Users can then execute their trades based on these signals and grow their crypto earnings.

So far, NFT Signals users have earned a total group profit of more than $150K.

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