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Ascella Blockchain-Based Ecosystem Gears For Launch

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The Ascella ecosystem has announced that it is preparing to launch its lineup of native services that will be accessed via the native Ascella utility token.

The Ascella ecosystem delivers new ways of cross-world communication across 3 blockchain services – the,, and The Ascella project is based on the Binance Smart Chain and is preparing to launch its Ascella.chain testnet at the end of 2022. for online education is a blockchain-based educational platform that connects students, teachers, and schools worldwide with full transparency regarding applicants’ diplomas, grades, test results, and more.

The is the first blockchain-based e-commerce marketplace leveraging the transparency of the technology for streamlining purchases for cryptocurrencies and fiat. for finances is a protocol designed for developers, allowing them to find investments for their ideas and help investors multiply their capital.

The Ascella ecosystem is aimed at providing all of its users with the opportunity to create their own dApp on the project’s native blockchain – a highly scalable protocol based on a modern asynchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) algorithm. With up to 65,000 transactions/second (TPS), 24/7 support, and a valuable lineup of services, Ascella delivers a new level of blockchain functionality and accessibility to all market participants seeking holistic solutions.

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