Asian medical companies using blockchain to monitor COVID vaccines

Zuellig Pharma, a medical services company based in Asia, is integrating blockchain in its systems to monitor Covid-19 vaccines. The company has released a system known as eZTracker, a medical management system powered by blockchain.

Through this system, the company wants to boost efficiency in vaccine tracking services. The system will also prevent accidents that could affect the public’s health. The company is one of the largest medical firms in Asia, with partnerships with over 1000 healthcare facilities in 13 countries.

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Blockchain system to guarantee vaccine authenticity

eZTracker will boost the authenticity of vaccines and ensure smuggling of medical products is prevented. It will also prevent the misappropriation of vaccines and medical supplies during their distribution.

The eZTracker system will also boost transparency in the medical supply chain process. It will monitor products from manufacturing, delivery, and administration to patients. By having this system on the blockchain, the data available will be real-time and delivered instantly.

The system will also remove the need for intermediaries, thereby boosting its credibility. The data will be free from censorship and alterations.

The vice president and head of digital and data solutions at Zuellig Pharma, Daniel Laverick, noted that this system will also provide valuable information regarding medical products. Products registered with the eZTracker will have a 2D data matrix that will verify details such as the “expiry date, temperature, and provenance through its app powered by blockchain.” According to Laverick, the eZTracker could be well-suited for the Hong Kong market.

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Growing adoption of blockchain technology

While the crypto market continues to attract the attention of regulators because of the high risks involved, the blockchain sector has gained endorsement. China, which banned cryptocurrencies, recently rolled a pilot phase for integrating blockchain technology into businesses and government entities.

Blockchain technology offers a wide range of benefits compared to relying on human processes. These benefits include speeds, security and efficiency. Because of this potential, the use of blockchain technology could continue to manifest across various sectors.

This is not the first time a medical firm has adopted blockchain technology. MediLedger, a startup in the medical field, has a similar tracking service, but this is accessible to a larger audience.

The use of blockchain has also been proposed in authenticating COVID passports. This will enable better tracking services of the spread of the virus and record people’s movement and travel history.

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