‘Avoid Bitcoin Like Plague’ –CEO of Europe’s Largest Low-Budget Airline

A viral Bitcoin scam luring unsuspecting people into a fake site where they were swindled of their hard-earned wealth has made the CEO of CEO of Europe’s largest low-budget airline Ryanair condemn cryptocurrency entirely.

CEO Michael O’Leary, whose image was used to lure ignorant observers into the scam site, had urged his followers and those who may be thinking he’s supporting the initiative to back off and “avoid bitcoin like the plague.”

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Several celebrities have been used to defraud people recently. Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, Binance CEO, and a host of other important personalities have been impersonated on some YouTube channels to back one or two crypto Ponzi schemes.

Meanwhile, the icon affixed to the latest crypto scam is the CEO of Ryanair, who is being used to encourage people to support a Bitcoin auto-trading platform, allegedly said to be scamming people.

During a conversation with The Sunday Times, CEO Michael O’Leary mentioned that he’s not in any way subscribed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large, and enjoined that people stay away from the Ponzi scheme equivalent.

Micheal O’Leary has his video used on a website promoting Bitcoin. The fake interview where the CEO was seen encouraging people to subscribe to the Ponzi scheme was said to be concocted.

The fake interview was between O’Leary and Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show. During the interview, O’Leary was quoted to have said Bitcoin offered him a means of making easy and big money.

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The video claimed O’Leary was taking “tens of thousands of euros” every day through the autopilot offered by the Ponzi site.

The fake interview also maintained that O’Leary made a huge amount of Bitcoin through the scheme, interestingly; the National Ireland Bank was unable to stop O’Leary from revealing the vital information to the world, the video had presented.

While the information was designed to appear true, O’Leary is not in involved in cryptocurrency and does not have any business with the National Ireland Bank.

O’Leary feels disheartened by the fake promotion and unleashed his anger on the Bitcoin community, everything crypto, and the perpetrators of the scam.

He said he would never invest in Bitcoin because it is a Ponzi scheme, and advised people to steer clear of the Bitcoin.

“I would strongly advise everyone with any shred of common sense to ignore this false story and avoid bitcoin like a plague.”

Scammers are on the rampage lately and lots of funds have been lost to different Ponzi scheme promotions on the internet.

Ripple, after complaining to YouTube on several occasions, was forced to drag the video blogging platform to court for allowing scam promotions on its platform and failing to take them down when notified of the abysmal action.

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