B2broker Offers 10 New Crypto Pairs

B2Broker is excited to announce that it has added ten new cryptocurrency symbols to our platform: NEAR, SAND, CRV, ONE, LRC, XTZ, ATOM, SUSHI, 1INCH, and AXS. These additions reflect its commitment to meeting the needs of its customers and providing the best possible service. 

B2Broker is constantly working on improving its liquidity pool and offering smaller spreads for all cryptocurrencies, as well as more extensive order books.

Thanks to the latest improvements, it can, for instance, offer spreads of less than $3 on the Bitcoin/USD pair and $0.4 on the Ethereum/USD pair. Its goal is to provide the best possible service to meet the needs of its customers.

Do you need a crypto CFD liquidity provider that you can trust? There is an obvious choice – B2Broker, the industry’s premier provider.

With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, B2Broker is ideal for anyone seeking reliable, high-quality service. What ensures that B2Broker is a perfect fit for you?

  • It prides itself on providing top-tier liquidity to its clients with a pure agency model at its company. This means that there are no conflicts of interest between its clients and them. It always had their best interests at heart.
  • It currently offers over 120 separate pairs of crypto CFDs, making it one of the industry’s largest and most successful liquidity providers. Its goal is to increase this number to 150 by the end of the year. They have a deep understanding of the market and are committed to providing excellent service, making them the perfect partner for all your crypto needs.
  • It offers some of the most competitive margin requirements in the crypto CFD space. It provides trading solutions for both institutional and retail traders, with the lowest margin requirements of 10% on major pairs.
  • The liquidity is distributed via OneZero/PXM and Marksman Hub. Customers can connect to OneZero/PXM via hub-to-hub, FIX API, or any MT4/5 Bridge/Gateway. They can select how they want to get into the market since this opens up many more options for them.
  • Marksman Hub is an effective tool for margin crypto brokers, offering over 100 levels in the order book on each side of a trade. With flexible features and support for OneZero Hub, Marksman provides a powerful trading experience that enables brokers to quickly and efficiently execute trades and stay informed about market pricing trends. To learn more about this helpful platform, check out its new webinar on Marksman liquidity.
  • Fast and dependable execution is a crucial feature of its platform. Its engines are located in tier-one data centers, providing reliable and swift results no matter where your clients need them.
  • In addition to providing crypto liquidity, B2Broker also offers liquidity to various other trading instruments, including stocks, FX, CFDs, and Metals. B2Broker’s robust platform and leading trading tools, such as deep liquidity, cost-effective margins, and tight spreads, provide a unique experience for all brokers. In total, more than 1000 trading instruments are available through B2Broker.
  • Looking for 24/7 client support with fast response times and support in multiple languages? It has excellent customer support in ten different languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Russian, Farsi, and Urdu. Whether you need help troubleshooting an issue or just have a question about your account, Its team of experienced professionals is here to provide the support you need quickly and efficiently.
  • It is constantly searching for new methods to enhance its services and make it simpler to work with it. It strives to improve its services and ensure that it exceeds its clients’ expectations. Whether through direct feedback or innovative ideas, it looks forward to hearing from you and continuing to provide the best possible experience for its users.

About B2Broker

B2Broker is a market leader in providing financial liquidity solutions and technological services for licensed brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge and crypto funds, brokerage firms, FX brokerages, and professional managers.

It offers an extensive range of expertise across different asset classes and global markets, as well as innovative new products. B2Broker provides a wide range of investment services to suit your needs.

Whether you need cash flow solutions or IT solutions for your company, it has the knowledge and experience to meet your demands.

B2Broker is a prominent provider of financial technology services with offices worldwide and headquarters in Dubai.

Its extensive experience and background in the financial services industry make it well-equipped to help businesses across a range of sectors succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

The company has secured licenses from major regulatory bodies, including the FCA and the FSC Mauritius, as well as CySEC.

This implies that the firm is ensuring that it follows all of the rules set by these authorities. B2Broker has the tools, experience, and resources to help any company succeed in today’s fast-paced environment.


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