BHero highlights the importance of being fully compliant with cryptocurrency regulations and laws

BHero highlights the importance of being fully compliant with cryptocurrency regulations and laws

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Until a few years ago, there was no regulation for cryptocurrencies in Europe, but this is about to change because the European Union’s executive body designed a set of rules to guard investors and establish market stability by asking platforms and cryptocurrencies compliance, transparency, authorization, and licensing.

The latest EU-wide regulation aims to provide the crypto market with credibility because if it’s better supervised and regulated, buyers will be more confident to invest. But many wonder if the new European passport also refers to the UK after the Brexit because the United Kingdom decided to become a hub for crypto by making itself the primary destination for crypto organizations that want to set up shops. Financial experts have talked a lot about the UK in the post-Brexit period and concluded that the country aims to maintain strict regulatory standards.  

In the given context, crypto freelancers should ensure they do everything legally and comply with the latest regulations, especially if they intend to access the European marketplace. BH Network is a European-based marketplace that complies with regulations and laws and bridges the gaps between investors and blockchain. BH Network aims to become a crypto freelancing marketplace innovation facilitator by offering unique opportunities for investors and organizations through blockchain technology. Its purpose is to transform the transacting process for businesses and freelancers and enable trading free from bias. 

BHero promotes the highest standards of Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer regulations

BHero is the second fully licensed and regulated cryptocurrency launchpad on the Elrond network, after Maiar Launchpad. However, BHero stands out due to its innovative way of integrating Crypto integrations in the day-to-day world. Being a Web3 integration launchpad, it can facilitate growth for all investors who want to take advantage of blockchain. It’s a forward-looking launchpad managed by BH Network specialists that stimulate start-ups with the opportunity to employ their projects on the Elrond Network while respecting crypto regulations and laws. 

BHero is splurging in popularity over the other launchpads because it integrates supreme standards of Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. The European-based marketplace aims to become a complete solution for NFT and off-base cryptocurrency projects. The company addresses a wide array of investors and offers expert services for all kinds of businesses – from start-ups to ventures looking for ways to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and blockchain. BHero offers custom services and can easily accommodate any specific business requirements. The specialists have broad experience and expertise in the sector and can assist crypto investors with marketing, legal, and statutory requirements. Their competencies also allow them to support businesses in gaining investments, tokenomics setups and execution, and building connections. 

The experts from BHero are aware that starting and running a new project in the crypto sector can be challenging because it requires the investor to focus their attention on several aspects. The BHero launchpad resulting from the BH Network project has the purpose of introducing bandwidth to the Elrond start-up scene and stepping up the speed of bringing new ideas to life. 

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