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Cryptocurrencies are known for their highly volatile market. Hence, investors should analyse the market trend to know the stability of a particular currency. But, the new cryptocurrencies in the presale stage do not pose such a threat. They grow exponentially and ensure a multifold return regardless of market fluctuations. Here are the three lucrative presale projects that could make you not only a successful investor but also a new millionaire.

big eyes coin

Metacade – More Than Gaming

Metacade is a web3 community hub built on the Ethereum blockchain with a vision to create a virtual hangout for like-minded people. It received a certificate from CERTIK, one of the industry leaders in blockchain security and transparency, which makes it one of the safest pre-sales to invest in.  In Metacade, users can play their favourite games and increase their chances of winning big prizes through play to earn projects. Besides playing, gamers can meet and share the ideas, skills, and talents of developers and entrepreneurs.  Users can also gain access to the most advanced GameFi alpha and interact with other players in real-time. All of these community engagements will be rewarded with MCADE, the native token of the Metacade ecosystem. These tokens can be used to participate in competitions and tournaments. The token holders will have the right to decide which developer-submitted games to receive the Metagrants’ funding scheme through voting. Metacade plans to release only 2 billion tokens in circulation, and 1.4 billion of them will be released during the ongoing presale. In the fifth stage of its presale, Metacade has raised 8.2 million dollars. The price of the token will be increased to $0.017 in the sixth stage, which is a 10% rise from the current rate. The investors have very little time to bet their money on Metacade as the presale is going to end in the next 28 days.

RobotEra- Dreamland The Of Virtual World

big eyes coin

Dreaming of owning a house? RobotEra allows you to own an entire continent, but in a virtual world. RobotEra, powered by the token TARO, aims to provide a metaverse platform that integrates entertainment, creation, management, and interaction. In this parallel universe, there exists a planet called Taro which consists of a people continent and seven player continents where players become a robot. These robots belong to 7 different camps with different advantages. Players can build and manage their own land, create a robot company and participate in quest challenges in the central city to win rewards. It also connects with other world theme parks, concerts, museums, etc., The Players can submit their original work for display in the museum, participate in concerts and invite other NFTs from Other communities to enter the theme park. Besides trading NFTs and Staking Tokens, the players can benefit from mining and land management. The TARO token holders will be allowed to vote on the decisions to be enforced in the ecosystem. But to vote, the players must pledge their tokens. The significant income earned in this virtual world can become the main source of income in your real world. Because in its first stage of the presale RobotEra raised nearly a million dollars and is still registering exponential growth. Get your share of TARO before the price increases to $0.025 in stage two of the presale.


Big Eyes Coin Rises Meme Coin Mania s

Once upon a time, memes were considered to be fun alone. But the advent of meme coins in the crypto world made them a lucrative funny business. Big Eyes Coin is a newcomer to the meme-coin market. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the kittens promised to put holders before anyone else. Since the beginning of its presale last year, the coin has been taking the market by storm with its record-breaking performances. sShifting wealth into the DeFi system and protecting the oceans on the planet are the important goals of these cute BIG Eyed Kittens. Big Eyes Coin is planning to elevate the growth to the next level in 2030 through innovation and the acquisition of new. It also aims to become one of the top 10 NFTs. The coin announced to keep 5% of its total supply in the charity wallet, which will be donated to protect oceans. In the 12th stage of its presale, the coin has raised 31 million dollars. To boost up the presale, it revealed loot boxes for affordable prices which would give up to 5,000% return but no loss. To become part of a crypto community that concerns the planet and people, click the link below.

big eyes coin

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