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Bison Trails Aims to ‘Significantly Reduce’ Node Syncing Times on Ethereum & Polkadot

Blockchain infrastructure company, Bison Trails, announced its Global Blockchain Sync platform, aiming to significantly cut down on time spent in syncing nodes across blockchains

Bison Trails launched its node-enhancing Global Blockchain Sync (GBS) platform – allowing users to scale their node operations greatly while reducing the time it takes nodes to become production-ready. According to the statement sent out to media desks, GBS will minimize the time required to sync a node fully, allow faster response if a network is affected, and enhance the development and support for new platforms on blockchains.

The GBS platform aims to reduce the syncing time from minutes from hours and months taken to sync a node fully. Instead of loading and syncing the whole blockchain to a node, Bison Trails-built nodes “load in 99.99% of the blockchain to catch up with the rest of the network”, the report reads.

This unique feature provides several benefits to Bison Trail users, including reducing the probability of being slashed, enhancing customer participation in staking, reducing the cost of syncing, and increasing the scale. Additionally, the platform is also expected to reduce downtime risks and boost blockchain development.

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“Global Blockchain Sync enables us to respond quickly to customers, changing network conditions, and adverse situations,” Aaron Henshaw, Co-Founder and CTO, Bison Trails.

“Being able to bring new nodes up quickly improves the user experience across every part of the platform and lets us offer protocol-specific tooling, like managed controllers on Polkadot.”

GBS will be “available for all cloud providers and regions supported by Bison Trails” and secured by a multi-verification repository of blockchain images to ease syncing. At launch, the platform will support Ethereum, Polkadot, EOS, Cosmos, Solana, and Kusama, allowing node synching and production launch in minutes.

Bison Trails CEO Joe Lallouz praised the GBS platform saying it will allow new nodes to “catch up to the rest of the network [fast] and begin to perform useful work.”

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The node infrastructure provider was acquired by U.S. largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, for an undisclosed amount this January.

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Bison Trails Aims to 'Significantly Reduce' Node Syncing Times on Ethereum & Polkadot

by Anthony Beattie
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