Bitcoin Fund Set Up for Canadian Truckers

Canadian truckers who are currently fighting against vaccine mandates in their native country have found solace in bitcoin after the fundraising platform GoFundMe halted donation monies they were slated to receive.

Canadian Truckers Get What They Need Through BTC

Canadian truckers have been gathering in their nation for the last several weeks and have formed what’s come to be known as a “Freedom Convoy.” Truckers are protesting ongoing COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the nation of Canada and have received support from people all over the world who are against medical mandates of any kind. Now, it appears a group of Canada-based libertarians have set up a bitcoin funding platform for those taking part in the protest.

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The group is known as Honk Honk Hodl in reference to the honking horns of the truckers and the practice of hodling common in the bitcoin world. The initiative is described on social media as the way to “orange pill Canadian truckers.”

This is in reference to the 1999 film “The Matrix,” in which one must decide whether they’re going to take a red pill and “wake up” from the unreality they’ve been experiencing or stay asleep. “Orange pill” itself refers to bitcoin buyers, with BTC representing financial freedom and hope.

The organization consists of four individuals. They’re names are Greg Booth, Jeff Foss, and two others that go by the pseudonyms “Nobody Cariboo” and “BTC Sessions.” They’ve created their crypto crowdfunding initiative through a platform known as Tally Coin, which seeks to provide individuals with new ways of raising money for protestors, political groups, and other out-of-the-ordinary organizations.

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On the fundraising page, the group mentions the following:

Legacy financial infrastructure can sometimes be politicized and clamped down upon, whereas bitcoin is a truly censorship-resistant method of communicating value. Don’t allow your voices to be silenced, and don’t allow your financial sovereignty to be trampled upon.

The donation page is only a few days old, yet already more than $600,000 has been raised for the truckers. A particularly large donation came by way of Jesse Powell, the CEO of popular digital currency exchange Kraken. Powell is believed to have given as much as $43,000 in BTC. He also issued the following message:

Fix the money, fix the world. Mandates are immoral. End the madness. Honk, honk! #FreedomConvoy2022.

Everyone Seems to Support Them

A Christian fundraising site known as Give Send Go has also garnered more than $4 million in donations for the protestors. In a statement, the company explained:

To our fellow Canadians, the time for political overreach is over. We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our federal government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people.

GoFundMe says that the campaign to raise money for the truckers was in violation of its terms of service, and thus all donations were halted.

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