BIXB takes part in creating the future! Don’t miss the new project Metabix

Technology is an ever-evolving part of our lives with innovations and concepts rising every day. Each innovation has taken us closer to new experiences and optimized how we go about things, from the mobile phone to blockchain technology. 

The latest concept that has captured the world’s attention is called metaverse, and it means “beyond the world”. It is the definition of a meta-universe where we can redefine our future and achieve different goals that would be physically impossible in our current world. 

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The metaverse promises great things such as using online avatars to leave an alternative life, playing games, shopping online, owning properties, and more. Bixbcoin, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, is set to join this emerging landscape with the launch of its metaverse called “Metabix’

What is Metabix?

According to a tweet from Bixbcoin, Metabix is an exciting new world where users will be able to get unique experiences in the metaverse. Bixbcoin intends to offer an extensive range of features and products to give users an immersive experience. 

Currently, the crypto space has different metaverse protocols like Decentraland, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox that provide users with digital experiences. With Metabix, users will be exploring one of the best blockchain protocols, and it intends to partner with several gaming developers to introduce Play-to-Earn games. 

Within these P2E games, users will be able to compete with other gamers and earn tokens and NFTs that can be exchanged for real money. Furthermore, BixBcoin will be introducing innovative concepts and products that will foster the adoption of BIXB tokens within the metaverse. 

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Why there is huge anticipation for Metabix?

Bixbcoin is confident about the success of Metabix due to its existing community of users within its ecosystem. In addition, BIXB is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies and utilizes the PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus algorithm. 

Many users have adopted its fast transaction speeds and low costs globally to conduct cross-border transactions. Its value and use cases will significantly expand with the launch of Metabix, as it will serve as a utility for the metaverse. 

Holders will be able to mint NFTs and receive payment for NFTs in supported marketplaces. It will also serve as reward tokens for the games launched within the Metabix ecosystem. 

BIXB holders are already receiving value for their holdings with Loanypto, the native lending protocol of Bixbcoin. In addition, BIXB holders can leverage the lending platform to stake their tokens for high-interest yields. 

BIXB token is currently listed on top exchange platforms like Hotbit, and the launch of Metabix will create new and existing functionalities for the token and Bixbcoin. To learn more about Bixbcoin, visit the following links below. 

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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