“BlueWhale0073” Grabs Another 130 Billion SHIB, While Token Drops 2%

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Yuri Molchan

This whale continues buying large chunks of SHIB that consist of more than 130 billion meme tokens after buying 148 billion on weekend


The owner of the “BlueWhale0073” wallet has acquired another astounding sum of the second biggest meme coin by market cap, Shiba Inu. It happened on the dip, while the price of the coin dropped roughly 2% and the coin returned to the top 10 list of assets held by whales.

130.4 billion SHIB lands in this wallet

WhaleStats has posted a tweet, saying that whale “BlueWhale0073” has made an acquisition of 130,419,267,297 Shiba Inu tokens worth $1,531,122.

As has already happened several times before, the whale has sold all of the SHIB he had acquired, making a profit on the price difference.

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At the moment, the investor’s portfolio contains USDT as the biggest asset by USD equivalent, as well as USDC, MATIC, UNI and LINK.


Over the weekend, this whale bought a similar amount of Shiba Inu, paying $1,562,733 for a 147,846,134,326 SHIB lump.

SHIB returns as one of most purchased assets

WhaleStats also reported that Shib is back on the list of the top 10 assets Ethereum whales are after. Shiba Inu holds third place on it after USDC and FTX Token.

At the time of writing, ETH whales are holding $553,413,275 worth of SHIB, which constitutes 49,591,282,901,715 meme tokens. That is 12.07% of their comprised portfolio.

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