Bruno Cerasi in the metaverse of

Bruno Cerasi, renowned Italian NFT artist, will be present with his “Winter Exhibition” in the metaverse from Saturday 21 May 2022. 

Bruno Cerasi with “Winter Exhibition” in the metaverse

The “Winter Exhibition” exhibition, which will be present in the metaverse from Saturday 21 May 2022, will feature the first works from the NFT Faded22/ collection and other unpublished illustrations by Bruno Cerasi, the famous Italian artist. 

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“Great preview Yesterday of @Faded22slash first exhibition! Let’s see for the opening, May 21st on @spatialxr! Save the date! Thanks to our partners @cryptoartitalia, @istitutomedicolegale, @SQuatraccioni, @Cryptonomist_en, @meteoranft”.

The “Winter Exhibition” is intended to be a clear demonstration of how the real world and the digital world can coexist and dialogue perfectly with each other. 

And indeed, it is precisely the collection of works NFT Faded22/ that stems from a need to express through art, the story of an artist who lost part of his sight and field of vision in 2009 due to an ischemic stroke. 

From that moment on, his personal research began to focus on the invisible connections that bind the relationships between people

Bruno Cerasi and the NFT collection Faded22/ 

Faded22/ is Cerasi’s project that each month generates an NFT butterfly from the algorithm that can transform his gradually worsening eyesight into something extremely beautiful. 

The collection reached its fourth butterfly NFT in April and can be seen on the website where it is also available for purchase. The first auction of the butterfly NFT in January 2022, was closed for 2 ETH. 

But why the butterfly? Looking at the lepidopteran anatomy, this body is none other than the mirrored wing itself. While there is light on one side, there is darkness on the other; while life may be a trap, there is always a way to find freedom. 

Cerasi’s life is a constant journey that oscillates between darkness and light, between resignation and hope. 

That is why, in this specific case, the butterfly represents escape from the reality in which the artist is trapped, managing to escape through imagination and dreams, both elements also present in the various illustrations on display.

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