Cardano (ADA) Ledger Wallet Now Available on iOS Devices: Details

As stated in a tweet, Cardano (ADA) Ledger accounts are now supported on iOS mobile phones. The Ledger team stated in the prior week that work was ongoing to add iOS compatibility while it announced support for Cardano (ADA) on Android mobile phones, both for the Ledger and Ledger Live platforms.

In June, Cardano made its way to Ledger Live, thus enabling users to be able to send, receive, buy and manage ADA directly with Ledger Live. The release of the smart contract-compatible Cardano app version 4.0.0 for Ledger wallets was also announced in April.

Cardano’s “big impact’’ projects in the pipeline

As previously reported by U.Today, Duncan Coutts, IOG’s principal technical architect, stated recently that a lot of big impact projects, such as the Lace light wallet, EVM sidechains and the ongoing Vasil hard fork.

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Cardano EVM sidechain

The EVM sidechain will be the first sidechain created and released to the public by IOG to allow Solidity developers access to Cardano. The Solidity developer community will be able to create dApps on Cardano thanks to the EVM sidechain.


Lace light wallet

Lace, a lightweight wallet for Cardano, intends to integrate voting and identity in upcoming versions. Additionally, Lace plans to use many Cardano products, fusing a variety of functionalities into a unified user experience. This will incorporate Project Catalyst for simple voter registration and Atala PRISM for managing identities and personal data. Integration with EVM sidechains and Layer 2 Hydra may also be added as future improvements.

Although the light wallet was first designed for the Cardano blockchain, the long-term objective is to make it interoperable with other blockchains. IOG plans to deliver Lace this summer.

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