Cardano Founder Faces Scam Allegations From Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright

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Alex Dovbnya

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson found himself feuding with controversial Craig Wright, who claims to be creator of Bitcoin, after Wright accused Hoskinson of running a scam during a recent podcast appearance

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently found himself on the receiving end of some harsh criticism from Craig Wright, the controversial figure who claims to be the creator of Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

During his recent appearance on a podcast hosted by British entrepreneur Alfie Whattam, Wright pulled no punches when discussing Hoskinson and the Cardano project, accusing the founder of perpetuating a scam.

“What has he done other than pump money and bullshit people? What has he actually created?” Wright asked rhetorically.

He added that Cardano is “just another copy of a coin to put on exchanges and pump it. It doesn’t actually do anything.”

Hoskinson responded to Wright’s claims with a succinct and dismissive tweet. In a clear attempt to brush off the accusations, he wrote, “BREAKING! No one cares.”

To further drive home his nonchalance, Hoskinson attached a popular GIF from the 1993 film “The Fugitive,” featuring actor Tommy Lee Jones in his iconic role as U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard. The GIF shows Jones raising his hands and saying “I don’t care” in a frustrated and dismissive manner.

The tweet quickly gained some traction among the Cardano community, with many users rallying behind Hoskinson and taking aim at Wright.

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