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The Chief Executive Officer of the renowned on-chain security company, Quantstamp, Richard Ma, has in a recent interview declared that Cardano (ADA) will become the second-largest DeFi platform and it will go after Ethereum; arguing that Cardano source codes rank among the best in the blockchain industry.

Ma further stated that the Cardano Network offers a comprehensible advantage over Tezos blockchain which he placed in the third position after Cardano. He further revealed that the Network, after the successful Shelley Hard Fork on the 29th of July, has taken steps further to move past its closest rival ETH.

The Quantstamp Boss highlighted that the Cardano Blockchain has put numerous internal efforts in place to ensure the smooth execution of the Shelley hard fork project which when compared to ETH 2.0 prism is very similar in terms of quality.

A recently released data by on-chain analysis platform Defipulse revealed that Ethereum has hit a new record of $4.31Bln, however, analysis from Quantstamp opined that fresh capitals have been raised in the crypto space through high-profit opportunities which have attracted investors with the launch of new projects.

In the same vein, Quantstamp manager, Jaye Harill, had earlier declared that Cardano with its increasing popularity and progressive adaptation would likely become the most popular DeFi platform and outshine Tezos.

He had predicted that Cardano would outstrip Tezos in the DeFi sector considering the fact that Cardano is upgrading to Shelley.

Largest Crypto Youtube Channel Founder Claims Cardano and Tezos Are To Be Taken Serious

In a similar development, MAXBIT has reported that a prominent crypto mogul and founder of the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel, Nicholas Merten, has opined that Cardano and Tezos are the new coins to be taken seriously by investors.

Merten explained that both Cardano and Tezos are potentially endowed with great values even though they are newcomers in the cryptocurrency market, stressing the fact that Altcoins have more to offer in the crypto space.

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