Charles Hoskinson: Cardano Will Have ‘Same Type of Performance’ As Solana by Year End

In a recent interview,  Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO of IO Global (aka “IOG”, formerly known as “IOHK”), the company responsible for Cardano’s research and development, explained why “June and October are going to be great months” for Cardano ($ADA).

Hoskinson’s comments were made during an interview with Marco Monty Montemagno, the host of “InsideW3B”. When Hoskinson was asked about his three top priorities, he replied:

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Right now, I would say commercial comparability, sustainability, and self-determination are the three big things that we are really working on.

In terms of commercial comparability, we focused an enormous amount of effort in the beginning of the project on correctness and scientific excellence… so we developed all of these phenomenal protocols…

This year all these updates are coming that are massively improving the scalability and expressiveness of the system so that you’ll get the same type of performance you’re seeing from systems like Solana and so forth. Or at least in the same orders of magnitude... Not only do you get all the security, the correctness, the resilience and a great three-million person community, but you also get the best of what competitors are bringing to bear

June and October are going to be great months for us because those are the months where we’re turning a lot of new features on... in terms of improvements in Plutus, side chains, pipelining… and there is some phenomenal applied research threads like Hydra…

In terms of sustainability, you’d like a system that as it operates, it gets more efficient, more scalable, and has the ability to grow at an organic pace, and the system contains that same cost center and standard of performance that you come to know and love… That means you need things like Mithril…

And then self-determination, which is unique to Cardano and a few others like Tezos (XTZ)… We have a great governance layer. You hold data, you can vote. And you can participate in the governance of the system... Also, Cardano has its own treasury system. Like any government, it has the ability to print money. And as a result, you can use that to fund its development. So, it’s not just self-determination — it’s also self-funding, self-bootstrapping.

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