China Animal Health & Food Safety Alliance Adopts VeChain Traceability Blockchain 

VeChain Foundation has become the sole provider of a public blockchain to the China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance (CAFA), a government-backed organization, a release has said.

In an official announcement from Singapore today, September 17, VeChain joined the government-supported China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance as one of its members to become the lone provider of blockchain technology for the alliance. The membership allows VeChain to offer infrastructural and technical support to the members of the council.

VeChain will henceforth introduce its technology to CAFA to enhance traceability and transparency in the activity of the alliance.

The China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance is an organization that has the support of the government under the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture introduced fraternity Chinese National Agricultural Science Technology Innovation Alliance.

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The Chinese National Agricultural Science Technology Innovation Alliance was initiated to develop a dependable platform that creates a link between industry associations, government producer enterprises, and research institutes in the food sector, to ensure transparency.

VeChain will, however, enhance the vision of CAFA by offering the alliance its immutable ToolChain technology. Hence, all the alliance enterprise members will make use of VeChain ToolChain™ and store all major processes of food products on the blockchain technology.

The traceability will cover all process from cultivation to retailing; this will enhance the trust between enterprises and consumers, and the vision of CAFA, which is offering consumers a high-quality, safe, and healthy animal food.

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A member of the alliance had already adopted the VeChain ToolChain platform since the creation of CAFA, and more members are expected to join in the future.

CAFA already has over 130 members, which include big companies and organizations in the food industry of China.

VeChain Foundation has been coasting numerous industrial sectors by offering enterprises and organizations its ToolChain blockchain technology. Walmart China has already adopted VeChain ToolChain solution for traceability, De Cecco, the world’s third-largest producer of pasta, is also using VeChain technology to track its products and fight counterfeit.

India’s third-largest hotel chain, InterContinental Hotel Group, also partnered VeChain to use blockchain technology to secure the lives of its workers and customers.

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VeChain has undoubtedly pushed the adoption of blockchain technology greatly and it is expected that hundreds and thousands of businesses can now use VeChain solution remotely.

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