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Congress Questions DLive Executives and Justin Sun on the Social App’s Role in the Capitol Riots

The lawmakers questioned the role of the decentralized social media platform, DLive on the recent Capitol Riots. Stating the videos and donations sent through the app to incite violence are “unacceptable.” DLive has removed the videos and banned accounts inciting the Capitol riots.

The United States Congress sent out a letter addressed to DLive CEO, Charles Wayn, and its holding company BitTorrent’s CEO, Justin Sun condemning the videos and content streamed through their decentralized social media app, DLive. The video streaming platform offers users a greater sense of privacy than its counterparts such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, or Facebook. The letter reads,

“We write to you expressing concern about recent user activity in DLive communities attempting to attract American citizens, and particularly adolescent users, to white supremacy and domestic extremism.”

In the wake of the January Capitol riots, many rioters stormed the building, videotaped and streamed themselves, inciting violence around the building. Notwithstanding, reports emerged that these rioters earned “thousands of dollars” in BTT, the native currency used to reward content creators on the platform.

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Since the platform removed all videos and streaming of the shameful events that happened on January 6th at the Capitol and restricted the use of its token to all “non-gaming” content, this follows a warning by Wayn in an open letter to the community, which he claims DLive will not tolerate “lawbreakers, those who would incite violence or disseminate hate speech” on the platform.

However, Congress calls on DLive to do more in addressing the concerns on gaming content too. The lawmakers argue that the younger generation is exposed to violence and targeted rhetoric through these games, and research from the Southern Poverty Law Center shows.

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To ensure such cases are not repeated, Congress asks for information from Wayn and Sun on their efforts to prevent such occurrences. Some of the issues include efforts to curb extremism, proactive measures to protect the youth from hate speech and violence, and mechanisms to curb foreign donations to incite violence.

Moreover, DLive will have to place mechanisms to monitor and review gaming content for any cases of extremism, white supremacists’ views, and hate speech. Congress expects a response from the team by February 12th, 2021.

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Congress Questions DLive Execs and Justin Sun on the Social App’s Role in the Capitol Riots

by Anthony Beattie
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