Considering Cloud Migration? Here’s What You Need to Know | by Jesse Almeda | The Capital | Feb, 2022

Jesse Almeda

If you’ve decided to move your company to the cloud, you’re already making strides for the future of your business. In Q1 of 2021, over $42 billion was spent by various companies around the world to improve their cloud infrastructure.

From security to increased productivity, more companies are seeing the massive benefits of optimized cloud storage.

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However, before you start your transfer, here are 7 things you’ll want to consider.

Transferring everything to one location on the cloud isn’t just about having it all in one place. You may have to duplicate content to optimize it for your specific data needs.

Your company may also need to change how its current IT systems work to revolve around the new cloud software.

The bigger your company, the more planning, and people will need to be involved. The plan should prepare for the necessary follow-through because many times, businesses will only get about halfway through the tedious process and call it a day.

This can lead to missing files, lack of optimization, and a significant waste of company time. You won’t be able to see the full benefits unless your plan is solidified to the end.

Your business has sensitive information, including employee details and client payment methods. To ensure safety, the company you select will need to have the necessary security measures in place to avoid hackers breaking into the cloud.

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Not only will you be having to think about the way your employees handle documents and projects in the future, but you’ll also need to consider how the newly implemented cloud will also impact current projects moving forward.

Setting milestones and having the necessary KPIs in place will allow you to see how far along the process is and what areas of your business may need alterations, new staff members, or different workflows.

There are instances where servers may crash or things won’t fully transfer. In this case, you’re prepared for the worst by having the necessary backups of everything for your business.

There may be instances you didn’t see coming. You’ll need to work closely with your cloud and IT company to ensure these issues are addressed early on to avoid major cloud migration pitfalls in the future.

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