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Dor, a big data SaaS platform, is now acquired by Constellation Network


Constellation Network, a start-up that empowers businesses with blockchain-based data solutions, acquires Dor SaaS platform. This acquisition is designed to enlarge Constellation Network’s data stack with foot traffic massives.

Constellation Network advances its utility with Dor acquisition

According to the official announcement shared by the Constellation Network team, it completes the acquisition of Dor’s “Software-as-a-service” product.

Dor addresses the analysis of foot traffic to advance the business processes of retail businesses. As of Q4, 2021, its network of customers boasts 2,000 businesses in various segments.

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With this acquisition, Constellation Network will index Dor’s foot traffic data with decentralized instruments. This unified ecosystem will deliver a completely new level of insight to data-driven businesses.

Ben Jorgensen, CEO and co-founder of Constellation Network, stresses the paramount importance of this acquisition for the utility of his team’s proposition:

Acquiring a data-driven hardware and software company will help us increase Constellation’s network utility. With its cutting edge technology, Dor is providing critical data that is enabling thousands of retail stores in the US and Canada to improve the customer experience, and ultimately to grow their businesses.

Unmatched scalability for retail solutions

Michael Brand, the CEO of Dor, adds that his team amassed an unparalleled amount of data to be analyzed by merchants and SME retailers:

Dor has tens of millions of data points per month. The data that Dor provides allows retailers to make changes to better optimize their stores’ performance. In a world where stores use an endless amount of experiments and tactics to increase sales, there is no way to pinpoint which methods work unless you have the data that can back it up. Constellation will help us streamline that data in addition to exploring new possibilities in the world of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology.

Constellation Network’s scalability is powered by a unique directed acyclic graph (DAG) design. As such, it scales much faster than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the majority of smart contracts platforms.

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As covered by U.Today previously, Constellation Network introduces blockchain instruments to leading music social platform GeoJam.

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