$CPD (CoinsPaid): the missing link between real-world business and DeFi | by Neironix | The Capital | Mar, 2022

Why does a company with a $6B volume need a token?

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Main $CPD use cases

  • Staking: both merchants and regular wallet users will get discounts on most CoinsPaid fees: payment processing, swaps, etc.
  • Yield farming: there are already two $CPD farming programs running on BSC and Ethereum.
  • $CPD as a means of payment: merchants will be able to accept payments in $CPD through the CoinsPaid processing gateway — and get an additional discount.
  • Cashback: personal wallet users who hold $CPD will get part of the paid fees back.
  • Affiliate rewards: both B2B product resellers and wallet affiliates will receive rewards in $CPD.
  • Paying for the services of CoinsPaid Media and CoinsPaid Academy (both programs are planned for Q4 2022).
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The ultimate vision for $CPD and the CoinsPaid Foundation

Advantages of $CPD over other DeFi tokens

1) High potential volume and demand.

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