Crypto Exchange LBank Teams Up With ETHDubai for an Exclusive Meet-up

Crypto Exchange LBank Teams Up With ETHDubai for an Exclusive Meet-up




The best cryptocurrency exchange For a unique event at the LBank Labs, LBank and ETHDubai have teamed up. The event brought together a number of well-known speakers who are working on and developing the Ethereum ecosystem.

The event brought together venture capitalists, founders, and prominent crypto investors to network and meet. While the event was informative, it was also a chance for guests to decompress after weeks of consecutive cryptocurrency and blockchain meetings in Dubai.

Patrick Aljord, the host, introduced Ryan Coordinator, the Head of Operations at Developer DAO, who spoke about “Onboarding New People to Web3 and Building Public Goods.”

Developer DAO’s objective, according to Ryan, is to onboard more web3 builders by training and helping them. He also noted that through its open-source and self-governed process, it aspires to develop and produce Web3 technologies and public goods, bringing transparency, diversity, and inclusiveness.

Anton Permenev, Co-Founder of ChainSecurity, spoke about “Network Bridge Security” as the second speaker. He stated that he and his team are working to generate trust within the blockchain ecosystem in order for the emerging technology to fulfill its full potential among existing businesses, governments, and blockchain firms.

LBank is at the forefront of the general adoption and promotion of Web3 initiatives, a blockchain-based platform that incorporates concepts like decentralization and token-based economics.

The major crypto exchange continues to invest money into the Web3 and metaverse sectors of the crypto business, having previously listed a slew of fantastic startups. LBank, as a renowned crypto exchange, has stated that it is open to future partnerships and collaborations through its initiative Labs.

The LBank x ETHDubai event follows the recently finished three-day conference for developers and contributors on Ethereum, DeFi, EVM, and more, with an emphasis on decentralization and community projects like Yearn and its ecosystem, which took place from March 29 to 31, 2022.

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