Crypto Oliver Reviewed Calvaria – P2E Battle Card Game In Metaverse

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Crypto Oliver reviewed Calvaria for his 196,000 YouTube followers. A new P2E battle card game, has attracted the attention of investors due to its methodology. The primary distinctive feature of the game, as opposed to comparable traditional card games, is that players fully own all of the game’s resources and assets.

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As a result, each player can gather a specific set of resources to pursue the strategy of their choice. These resources can be purchased on the open market outside of the game as well as from the in-game store. Any player can sell their resources and possessions to anyone else, which is also true

Calvaria – Crypto Oliver Reviewed

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a card game players compete in tournaments using cards that represent several characters, each of which has an unique set of skills. In order to obtain awards and other upgrades, the player’s objective is to overcome opponents utilizing complex methods and tactics.

Each player can actually own the in-game resources because to the way the game is created. They can acquire these either by playing the game or taking part in all of its in-game activities. Blockchain technology, which provides users actual digital ownership, enables all of this.

RIA Tokens

The main currency of game in Calvaria is the RIA token, an ERC-20 token. The RIA token, which serves as the foundation of the game’s whole economy, serves as its primary medium of exchange. The ecosystem token for the project is the RIA token, which helps to keep the system’s economy stable. The tokens are appropriate for trade on exchanges and will actually belong to the project’s users.

Tokens cannot be taken from users without their knowledge or consent, either by the game’s developers or by anybody else. This is an important factor of the blockchain technology we’ll use in our economy and game. By investing time in Calvaria, players can acquire a source of sustained competitive advantage money, which will appreciate over time as more and more people become interested in the game.

Calvaria (RIA) Presale

Calvaria: DoE is a project centered around speeding up the mass adoption of crypto through play-to-earn games. We already partnered with the biggest names in the industry because they love our vision. Tokens will be available for claim at launch. The fifth and final stage of RIA token presale has begun, and it has now raised more than $2.5 million.

The price of RIA is presently $0.0325. Pre-sale closes on 31 January, or as soon as the $3,075,000 target has been reached, whichever occurs first. By the end of the presale, investors who purchased shares in the first round of the public fundraising at a cost of $0.0100 will have secured paper gains of 225%.

RIA Tokens Allocation

The total maximum fixed supply of the game’s token is $1 billion $RIA. Below is a summary of the proposed distribution.

  • Staking pool – 20%
  • Prize pool – 20%
  • Presale – 15%
  • Reserve and burn – 15%
  • Operations – 8%
  • INO – 6%
  • Team – 5%
  • Liquidity – 4%
  • Advisers – 2%


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