DeFi Land Launches Single-Sided Staking As Gen-Zero NFT Public Sale Concludes in 80 Seconds

February 18, 2022 – Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Multi-chain GameFi agriculture simulator DeFi Land keeps pushing the boundaries of its gamification aspect. The launch of single-sided staking is a significant milestone for the team. Moreover, the project completed its gen-zero NFT launch, which sold out within mere minutes.

DeFi Land keeps advancing its project in the GameFi space. Introducing single-sided staking is a big step forward, allowing users to stake DFL to earn immediately available rewards. All of the staking features are accessible in the game and maintain the appeal of the overarching DeFi Land interface. Users can start and manage their positions without friction.

The staking feature encompasses flexible and locked staking options. Users will be able to stake their DFL from zero to 104 weeks. Flexible staking has the extra benefit of removing a stake whenever necessary.

On the other hand, the lock option incentivizes long-term DFL holders to stake and support the ecosystem, yielding a higher APY. Rewards will be based on the number of tokens and period of time staked. Users will be able to stake DFL both from the game and the dedicated website.

The DeFi Land single-sided staking feature generates rewards every second. However, users can only claim tokens once every seven days. Long-term stakers qualify for extra rewards, including free NFTs and whitelist access to upcoming protocol features.

Accessing the staking functionality on DeFi Land is possible through the in-game ‘bank’ feature. Users can opt for flexible and locked staking, insert their amount and start earning rewards immediately. The fixed emissions start at one DFL per second and will adjust over time through in-game mechanics and market fees taking over the emission schedule to create long-term sustainability.

The launch of single-sided staking coincides with DeFi Land completing its gen-zero NFT launch. A total of 7,500 NFT seeds were available to whitelisted users through an eight-hour interval. The team sold the rest of the NFTs through a public sale, which concluded within 80 seconds due to overwhelming demand.

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As a result, DeFi Land NFTs are on many people’s radars and will now unlock play-to-earn in-game mechanics. Moreover, the trading volume across secondary marketplaces surpassed 15,000 SOL in just a single day, confirming growing interest in these tokens.

The minting of NFT seeds is a crucial first step. However, users can opt to turn it into four NFTs by planting the seed in-game and watering it with DFL tokens. Planting a seed locks it in your garden for 30 days, after which a candy machine appears in your village to distribute rewards. The team will burn all DFL used to water seeds in-game after these 30 days. In the first five hours, more than 500,000 DFL were burnt.

About DeFi Land

DeFi Land is a multichain agriculture-simulation web game created to gamify DeFi. The game aggregates all DeFi platforms, converting them into a P2E gaming and DeFi interface for Solana and other chains.


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