DeFi Lending Platform AvaxFi secures VC funding from Zen Capital, a Web3 focused Venture Capital fund

The Venture Capital fund Zen Capital is a crypto fund that has quietly built a portfolio of promising companies. It’s led by a group of entrepreneurs and technologists who believe in the power of decentralized technology to change the world. The fund works with blockchain entrepreneurs looking to build companies that will last for decades. Zen Capital is a Limited Partner of Pantera Capital, the first U.S. institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology. Additionally, the Zen Capital has invested in some of the most high potential Ethereum and Solana native projects in the space, including SolChicks, Mars4, SpellFire, Ertha, and Soldex; and is now doubling down on the DeFi component of their portfolio and exposure to the Avalanche ecosystem, adding lending platform AvaxFi to their list.

The team believes that AvaxFi is here to disrupt the world of finance and is determined that they are here to be among the leaders in this space.

Lending money to others can be a tricky business, and when it comes to digital assets, there is no central bank behind you to help you out. Enter DeFi (decentralized finance), a growing ecosystem of protocols that allows users to automate lending, borrow money, and save money in a trustless way. In short: if it can be done in traditional finance, it can be done in DeFi.

About $56 billion is lent through Defi protocols, which Ethereum dominates, and Ethereum-based platforms like Aave have dominated the decentralized finance (Defi) lending space. This is changing fast, as the DeFi market looks for faster, cheaper, and more scalable solutions. AvaxFi abides by these new standards by providing a unique feature set, unparalleled capabilities, and embedded scalability.

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“We are thrilled to lead the Seed Round for AvaxFi, an Avalanche native DeFi platform created to make your digital assets work for you, while also providing access to collateralized loans for those ignored by traditional lenders and grants financial inclusion for the unbanked in the developing world”, says Tomas Martunas, Managing partner of

About AvaxFi

The team of AvaxFi has developed a user-friendly, scalable, and fully decentralized platform for instant loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody, and augmented lending liquidity. Built on the leading proof-of-stake (POS) blockchain Avalanche, AvaxFi aims to unleash the next generation of seamless, fast, and secure crypto lending.

By building an Avalanche native Defi lending platform with the power of bridges, subnets, and automation, AvaxFi offers multiple benefits to its users:

  • All gas fees on the platform will be payable in their native token, Avfi, making the transactions affordable
  • Bridges to facilitate the utilization of any asset from ETH, erc20 stable coins to BTC
  • Advanced automation. The crypto world can be very sophisticated. Lending automation can help in making quick, efficient decisions.
  • Multi-chain from the start. At the same time, AvaxFi keeps a robust AVAX core with all of the advantages of speed, lower gas fees, and eco-friendliness.

With interest rates still hovering near all-time lows and inflation booming, the returns of Defi protocol tokens are highly appetizing. According to Augustinas Zinevicius, CEO of AvaxFi “Avalanche is one of the world’s most scalable, affordable and energy-efficient platforms out there.”

If you would like to apply for early investor access to the AvaxFi private round, send your interest to [email protected].

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