Dogecoin Cofounder Doubts McDonald’s Will Accept DOGE, Here’s Why

Co-creator of Dogecoin opines on why rumors of McDonald’s accepting DOGE soon are groundless


Billy Markus, who helped create the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin back in 2013, has taken to Twitter to say that he does not believe in the rumors about the U.S. fast food giant McDonald’s turning to Dogecoin in the near future, despite Elon Musk’s recent tweet.

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“The rumor…was a pretty silly one”

Markus commented on the recently resurrected wave of rumors about McDonald’s beginning to accept the biggest meme crypto as payment in the future. He suggested everyone seeing any hint at DOGE in the company’s tweet and Elon Musk’s reaction to it which occurred over the weekend to examine their thought process and the sources of those rumors very carefully.

As for the latter, “it was a pretty silly one,” Markus concludes.

In a reply to a commenter, the Dogecoin cofounder also stressed that “some blurry hopium definitely beats common sense.”

However, he believes that McDonald’s adopting DOGE would be a great idea, but he points out that the recent rumor caused by Elon Musk’s response to the company’s tweet with an emoji (not even one that resembles a dog) was based on absolutely nothing.

yeah i mean i thought it would be cool too but i felt like this rumor was based on absolutely nothing whatsoever

DOGE rises as Elon Musk replies to McDonald’s tweet

As covered by U.Today on Sunday, Feb. 13, Elon Musk pushed the Dogecoin price up almost 9% after the Tesla CEO tweeted an emoji with sweat droplets in a response to a tweet by McDonald’s that was actually their Super Bowl advert.

Traders took it as a potential bullish sign for DOGE, and the price went up by nearly 9%.

Previously, Elon Musk tweeted that he would gladly eat a Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s started accepting Dogecoin for its meals. In response, the fast food behemoth suggested Tesla should begin accepting Grimacecoin. This response led to the creation of another crypto on Binance Smart Chain bearing the same name.

Unlike McDonald’s, Tesla e-car producer is already accepting DOGE for some of its merch and, earlier today, Musk hinted on Twitter that SpaceX and Starlink may also begin taking the meme cryptocurrency as payment in the future.

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