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Every new cryptocurrency launched in the market shares a common goal. Becoming No.1! But not all of them show such potential to dethrone the giants sitting at the top of the market. There are currently at least 3 new projects in the crypto world that have the prospect to secure top positions with their distinctive traits.

Dogetti – Like No Other!

Dogetti is a new meme-coin in the market that places its family members at the forefront of its project. The coin aims to create generational wealth for its family members.

Though there are many established meme coins in the market, the unique features of the Dogetti set it apart from the other rivals. It has a 2% reflection protocol that benefits the investors who simply hold their wallets. And it also has NFTs, a new type of digital asset unique to the Dogetti project. They can be bought, sold, and traded in the market for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

It uses DogettiDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that regulates the Dogetti project, which allows the members of the Dogetti family to vote on proposals to make changes in the protocol.

With these unique features, Dogetti rolled out its presale to allow early adopters to become its family member before it is listed in any exchange. The project team has announced that only 100 billion DETI, a native token of the Dogetti ecosystem, will be created.


In stage two of the presale, a single unit of DETI token costs $0.00029. Dogetti has planned to raise 4 million dollars at this stage. Investors can get a 25% bonus on purchasing the DETI token using the code WISEGUY25.

C+Charge – Make Currency Out Of Carbon 

C+Charge is a peer-to-peer payment system built on the blockchain that aims to democratize carbon credit which was previously reserved only for large corporations and wealthy individuals.

A carbon credit is a permit that allows any individual or company to emit a limited amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. The carbon credit market forces the businesses that are engaged in activities that generate significant amounts of Carbon emissions to pay other businesses trying to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere through their activities.


The Carbon Credit market was dominated by big businesses from the start. Now, C+Charge has come up with a revolutionary idea to democratize the carbon credit market that is estimated to be 851 billion dollars in size.

C+Charge will provide EV owners access to the lucrative Carbon credit market by rewarding them with its native token CCHG. It can be used to make payments at charging stations managed by C+Charge. These token holders will also earn carbon credits through a reflection program.

EV owners will be allocated to the e-wallet which will be available in the C-Charge app. This app will act as a central platform for EV owners and inform them of the nearest C+Charge or partnered charging stations. EV owners can also keep track of their token balance, transaction information, and carbon credit balance by using this application.

In the 6th stage of its presale, C+Charge has successfully generated more than 2.5 million dollars.

Its new approach to saving the environment could bring a significant loss to the giants in the market accused of creating disastrous impacts on the environment.

Metacade – Connect and Communicate!


Metacade is the web3 community built on the blockchain where players can network and collaborate with other users. It is the first community-developed P2E blockchain arcade that provides users with everything the Web3 culture has to offer.

On this platform, Players can meet fellow entrepreneurs, game developers, and blockchain enthusiasts and share their knowledge, ideas, and talents. Metacade is powered by its native token MCADE which is used as a reward to the players for their input and activities in the community. MCADE token holders have the right to choose which developer-submitted game should be funded via the Metagrants scheme.

Users who stake their tokens will be rewarded with stablecoins rather than MCADE tokens. This will avoid increasing the number of tokens in circulation. Metacade users can also get access to the most advanced GameFi.

At the time of writing, Metacade raised more than 9.5 million dollars in its 6th stage of the presale.

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