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One can possibly get filthy rich by investing in crypto. However, it is also important to know that there are a lot of risks involved in crypto investing. Some of the best coins to invest in this year are Dogetti (DETI), Monero (XMR), and EOS (EOS).

However, you should first do due diligence and have a closer look at each coin before investing in anything.

What Should I Consider Before Investing in Crypto?

There are a lot of factors that can make or break your crypto investment. For instance, you must diversify your portfolio instead of putting all your eggs in one basket. This means you will need a lot of careful research to make sure you are putting your money and trust in the right places.

You should also check a coin’s performance trend in the market as well as the activity of the token’s developer team. Another thing you should consider is the community that supports the cryptocurrency you have chosen. By taking all these things into consideration, you can increase your chances of winning.

Dogetti, A Coin You Won’t Regretti

One of the factors you should consider before investing in crypto is the coin’s performance. Dogetti is not yet listed on any crypto exchange and is still in presale. But so far, coin collectors see nothing but success for DETI.

In its two weeks of presale launch, the digital asset has raised over $250,000!

On March 7th, the coin’s presale kept booming, selling over 6 billion tokens and raising over $470,000. Coins are selling super fast, and nothing is keeping the family from buying more DETI tokens!

Dogetti is, indeed, a coin that you won’t regret buying. But prepare for many regrets if you hesitate to buy now and see the token succeed after its launch.


The token is currently in Presale Stage 1, with each coin selling at $0.00007. When the coin hits Stage 5 and launches shortly after that, the coin would cost $0.0007, which is a large 900% ROI (return on investment)!

Moreover, the crypto coin is all about giving back to its community, helping every member of the family increase their overall net worth. One of their special features is their 2% reflection protocol, which rewards DETI holders on a regular basis.

Coin Bureau Reveals Interest in Monero

Coin Bureau’s Guy Turner has revealed that Monero could be one of his top four altcoin picks this year.

In a CryptoBusy podcast, Turner said that he chose Monero for its privacy-focused protocol.

Monero has become popular because when you send funds to someone’s wallet, you cannot view how much the recipient holds. The tokens you send are sent to a randomly created address that is used only for a specific transaction.

Moreover, XMR’s ledger only adds the one-time address to its record and does not link the sender or recipient.

Turner also believes that every crypto trader should be able to transact privately if they want to.

XMR’s price is currently at $152.05 at the time of writing.

EOS Price Soars Despite Red Market

Meanwhile, EOS seems to be recovering after the terrible news about Silvergate.


The crypto coin suddenly increased by 8% in the first week of March while all the other tokens were in the dip. One of the most plausible reasons for the price increase is due to its EVM deployment.

Co-founder and CEO of EOS Nation Yves La Rose announced on Twitter the launch of EOS EVM on April 14th.

Solidity developers are excited about the launch as EVM creates a bridge from Solidity to EOSIO. This allows developers to operate applications on free public blockchain software with high-quality smart contract performance.

Cryptocurrencies can be a good addition to your portfolio. Although they can be risky, they are profitable. You only need to analyze each crypto coin before joining the bandwagon.


If you want to start your crypto investing journey, consider purchasing presale coins before they go live. Dogetti offers this secret family code WISEGUY25 for those who want to join the Dogetti family! Check out more features on their website or their social media:

Dogetti (DETI):





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