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The cryptocurrency space has seen many dominant trends in the past several years. From ICOs taking the main stage in 2017 to decentralized finance in 2020 and NFTs this year. The past several months saw the emergence and rapid popularity increase of the play-to-earn applications, enabling users to benefit from the near-real-life experience and in-app benefits.

dotmoovs, a play-to-earn blockchain-based platform aiming to gamify sports, is attempting to take a large chunk of this market. To do so, the project recently launched its platform beta version and promised to release its application by the end of the year.

dotmoovs’ Beta Launch and NFT Collection

The platform allowing users to compete with each other despite their physical location released its app beta version earlier this year, which is still accessible only through invitations. It also came with a collection of utility NFTs that aims to enhance customers’ experience within the game.

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Called “The Balls,” this collection intends to mix together the worlds of sports and blockchain as it enables users to play some of their favorite games on a transparent and easy-to-use platform powered by DLT.

The company’s roadmap shows that the full version of the application should see the light of day by the end of the year. Nevertheless, the team behind the project aims to deliver it quicker.

dotmoovs also wants to bring a new concept called “Sports Mining,” which should combine play-to-earn (allowing players to earn while playing) and staking. The latter enables people to earn when depositing certain tokens into a designated platform.

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In this case, users will be able to park dotmoovs’ native cryptocurrency – MOOV – into the application and earn new tokens for every transaction on the marketplace. Aside from decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap and Uniswap, MOOV was also recently listed on the popular centralized trading venue BitGlobal (formerly known as Bithumb Global).

The New Inception

The popularity of the play-to-earn model has pushed dotmoovs into contemplating and developing a spin-off that could take it to another level. The project wants to take the eSports world to the sports reality by transferring profits to the player, where the most skilled ones are given ways to earn rewards for being highly engaged.

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dotmoovs has decided to provide its MOOV token and different NFTs to the best athletes, which will enable them to trade and monetize their assets in an in-game economy.

About Dotmoovs

Dotmoovs is the leading crypto mobile competitive environment used globally. The platform offers users the ability to face competition with other users and showcase their ambition, smartphone, and skills. By playing on their platform, players can win $MOOVs and NFTs.

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