Ducklization, the new mmorpg crypto game on Waves network


Hey, remember ducklization, the innovative crypto game we already told you about in this article?

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As promised in the pre-sale phase, the game is ready to launch… but what’s going on?

…Have you heard? 

On 30 June 2022 the adventure of Ducklization starts! 

But what is this all about? Let’s try to understand it step by step.

It is the first turn-based crypto/defi/play-to-earn game MMO RPG on the Waves network. 

The startup phases will be divided into 2 parts:

  • The first phase will allow players to access the TestNet. They will be able to preview the game and collaborate on improving it. At first it will not be possible to participate in Ducklization with WavesDucks, this feature will be added in the future.
  • The second phase will coincide with the launch of the MainNet and the start of the actual game. With the launch of the MainNet, all prizes from previous contests and promotions will also be gradually released.


To participate in this phase you will need to have a Mainnet wallet, a wallet, or alternatively use waves keeper. You will also need to report these details to the Telegram chat administrators

Right away you will have the opportunity to play within the TestNet, exploring the map, creating cities, leading nations, building armies and buildings!

The first phase of the TestNet will coincide with the unlocking of Sheg, the tokens purchased in pre-sale, and the distribution of additional Sheg owed to private pre-sale participants.

In this first phase of play, tokens earmarked for game rewards (613Sheg/day) will be accumulated day by day until the start of MainNet.

At the conclusion of the TestNet these Sheg will be redistributed proportionally to the balances of the wallets that participated in this first phase.

Addresses collected until 28 June will enter the TestNet first.

Users who participated in the pre-sale will automatically be added to the whitelist, but will still need to report their TestNet address in order to participate.

All new users who wish to participate after 28 June will be added gradually, at the team’s discretion.


When the Team evaluates the test phase exhausted, the switch with the MainNet will take place, which will bring the actual game to life.

This phase will also gradually unlock the various rewards to be distributed for the contests held in the pre-launch phase of the game

The switch with the MainNet will happen with little notice, stay tuned to our channels!

TestNet Rules

  1. The game and the rules of the game can change in any way, at any time, without any warning… it is a test phase!
  2. Sheg balances of players will not be affected by any game changes, but it is possible to lose troops, buildings, properties.
  3. On first access to the TestNet, players will receive 10 Sheg (TestNet).
  4. All players can increase their balance of Sheg (TestNet) with game actions and by purchasing them with Sheg (MainNet).

Every 1 Sheg (MainNet) spent, entitles the player to 10 Sheg (TestNet).

A special script must be invoked to do this (see the Guide at the end of the article). 

  1. There may be additional rewards for particular game tasks (e.g.: discovering bugs, playing a long time, playing particularly well, making brilliant suggestions, etc…), but they will not be declared in advance.
  2. At the end of the testing phase, players will receive the Sheg (MainNet) accumulated during the TestNet phase, in proportion to their Balance in Sheg (Testnet)
  3. The team may decide to ban, restrict, or exclude addresses and/or characters/bots that prove to be incorrect.

You may also purchase additional Sheg at


Guide – how to purchase Sheg (TestNet) via Sheg (MainNet):

Go to the dedicated page.

  1. Make sure you have Sheg (MainNet) – or purchase them at and some Waves for the invocation of the script
  2. Go to the address and connect your wallet (MainNet)

  1. Enter your wallet address (TestNet) in the “String” field and attach the Sheg you will want to purchase to the payment

  1. Click on “Invoke” and then confirm the transaction

…Every 5 minutes the Smart Contract verifies the payments and sends the funds to the TestNet network.

And now get ready to embark on your first game of ducklization!

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