FireZard Token $ZARD Is Now Available on FibSwap Exchange

The BSC Trading Card game project FireZard has listed its token $ZARD on the innovative DEX, FibSwap.

FireZard is a decentralized app and platform backed by the flagship token $ZARD that deploys deflationary smart contracts with robust tokenomics. The listing of the $ZARD token on FibSwap will give the token increased exposure, granting individuals the ability to buy the token, using tokens from different chains.. 

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Greater exposure to buyers

Previously, $ZARD was only purchasable on PancakeSwap, which meant that only BSC (BinanceSmartChain) holders were able to purchase the token. However, this has completely changed with the FibSwap listing. 

FibSwap utilizes their Interoperable, Multichain, Bridge-System (IMBS) technology, which allows non-BSC holders and tokens to purchase $ZARD. For example, if you have ETH on ERC20, you could swap it with $ZARD on the FibSwap DEx.

About FireZard

FireZard is a trading card game for BSC where users can instantly win using 100% original NFTs. These NFTs have become increasingly popular because of the rarity and high rewards associated with them.

Every card above uncommon has an instant BNB reward attached with it to generate a passive source of income for the investors. The Zards can be traded, bought, and sold on the native marketplace and will have additional utility in the future. 

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For more information, visit their Website | Twitter | Telegram

About FibSWAP

FibSwap has developed a new type of DEX, Interoperable Multi-chain Bridge System (IMBS), that utilizes FibSWAP’s Smart Algorithm to streamline cross-chain token swaps. Users can use the bridge to swap tokens from one chain to another in a seamless and instant transaction. The DEX has the lowest fees on the market paired with the unique lowest fee swap aggregator. 

For more information, visit their Website | Twitter | YouTube | Telegram |


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