First Hyper-realistic Metaverse Enables Users to Purchase Their Digital Homes

As per recent reports, Verse Estate is lending a hand in building the metaverse, by laying the groundwork as an environmentally-friendly metaverse agency. Offering luxurious digital properties, with a variety of luxury items, such as a private plane, among other things.

Metaverse, the word itself, has made more headlines over the last year than one can keep track of. Facebook changed its name after the concept, now known to be just Meta.

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And a hundred other major brands, including Walmart, announced their interest in this revolutionary technology.

Understanding Metaverse

Just like blockchain technology, most of us had trouble wrapping our heads around what a metaverse is. From the sound of it or the way it has been advertised, most of us have the assumption that it has something to do with computers and gaming.

While that’s a part of it, Metaverse is essentially a network of 3D worlds that can be accessed through a virtual reality headset. Aiming to deliver an interactive experience, as close to the real world as possible, if not better.

Often referred to as the future iteration of the internet, the metaverse will allow users to interact in a way that mimics real-life to its finest. Eliminating the disconnect we feel when working with our regular devices. Don’t want to work in real life? Well, you can do it in the metaverse for a change. Want to meet your friends for a movie but don’t feel the need to go out? The metaverse has you covered.

So you may ask, where is this metaverse? The thing is, it isn’t entirely existent yet. Video games come the closest when imagining what a metaverse would be like. But experiencing a full-fledged metaverse will still take some time, like the internet we have today. However, that’s not to say investing in ambitious metaverse projects now isn’t lucrative.

On the contrary, many metaverse projects have made millions of dollars, in the few years they’ve been operational. The sandbox metaverse, offering digital real estate, is known to have made a sale of more than $4 million, in a digital land deal.

Living In The Metaverse, and More

Verse Estate is lending a hand in building the metaverse, by laying the groundwork as an environmentally-friendly metaverse agency. Offering luxurious digital properties, with a variety of luxury items, such as a private plane, among other things.

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These digital properties can be accessed with a VR-enabled device, such as the Oculus, or simply through a desktop if you don’t own a VR device. The owner will also be able to design and customize the properties they own. Changing the color and texture of the furniture is one example of the same.

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The brand announced the launch of its New York penthouse on July 3. Also providing an insight into their mission, in a tweet a few days before, that read “Our goal is to make luxury accessible to everyone! Don’t expect anything less than the best VR-ready product in the world if you are one of our users. If you don’t own an Oculus, you can simply use our desktop version on Windows, Mac version coming on the 15th of August!

The owners of this estate will be part of an exclusive community, where members can interact with each other through social events and fun games. The brand is also set to introduce play-to-earn games, to be made available in collaboration with Vincent Faudemer, among others.

Verse Estate also plans on organizing exclusive events such as concerts, sports activities and auctions. Bridging the gap between the real and the virtual world, in more than one way.

Ownership Property in Metaverse is Free of Hassles

Unlike real-world property ownership, which takes more than a while to transfer and is more often than not a hassle. Owning a property in this metaverse is simply effortless, requiring no more than a few clicks.

This is made possible with the integration of NFTs, which provide proof of ownership to the estate owner. Similar to an ownership contract in the real world, but better. Enabling owners to transfer part of their ownership, or the entire thing any time they find convenient.

The purchase transaction times are incredibly quicker too, as tracking the history of a property – enabled by blockchain technology – is pretty seamless. This also means that lease agreements would process much quicker than what we’re traditionally accustomed to.

By connecting their wallet to the Verse account, users can log in from their VR devices or desktops and access their digital properties. The brand has not only launched some attractive properties but also partners with other brands and celebrities, helping them improve their audience interaction by leveraging the metaverse technology.

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The firm has also partnered with the Magic Eden platform recently, to be featured on the launchpad for the New York City collection.


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