Foxtrot Command Aims Global Adoption of Blockchain via NFT Games

Foxtrot Command wants to be one of the first video game companies to promote the global adoption of Blockchain technology through NFT games.

To do this, they propose a Free to Play system based on entertainment as a fundamental pillar. This project is a great example of how to connect the video game industry with the Blockchain ecosystem. Based on a physical TCG format like Magic:

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The Gathering or Pokemon Trading Card Game, where the cards work through expansions and can only be obtained for a limited time, attracting not only players but also great collectors.

The big difference between Foxtrot Command and its competitors is the implementation of Web3 technology, which opens up endless possibilities never before experienced by users. Such as the digital property, authenticity, and veracity of your cards, and access to a Play And Earn ecosystem rewards skilled players.

Mass adoption as the main mission of Foxtrot Command

Its main objective is to be the most played crypto card game on the market by offering a product with zero barriers to entry.

They propose a revolutionary system that will allow any user to obtain their first NFTs just by playing, without the need to have $BNB to mint them.

All those wallets that do not have any transactions (totally new and never used wallets) will get $BNB to pay for the first “minting” fees and commissions of the marketplace. Being able to start in this way a wheel of minting and actions in the BNB Chain network without having to go through the enormous obstacles that being a new crypto user entails.

To obtain this reward, players must meet a series of requirements and achievements within the game.

*This initiative is financed with the 5% fee that the project collects through the sale of assets in its decentralized marketplace.*

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Tokenomics: the strong point of the project

Foxtrot Command is committed to a different and revolutionary reward system based on four pillars:

The first pillar is based on honoring the term NFT and encouraging them to be one of the main engines of the economy. They work with limited and exclusive drops they distribute in their so-called seasons.

The second pillar consists of ($BUSD). The Foxtrot Command store, where you can find packs of cards and skins, will work with $BUSD, and 10% of the monthly proceeds will be distributed in rewards.

The third pillar is the game’s non-tokenized asset, gold. With gold, you will be able to buy non-NFT envelopes that will allow you to advance in the game.

The fourth but not least pillar is the $FXD token. With a total of 19.9% ​​of the supply, the $FXD token is intended to be released in a slow but progressive way in high-ranking positions, tournaments, and live events. With this, we get a governance token with much more demand than supply due to the utilities that the native token has within the game.

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