Fujitsu, Other Japanese Tech Giants Form Metaverse Coalition

The firms are looking to create an interoperable metaverse structure called RYUGUKOKU (TBD).

In a bid to advance the country’s Web 3.0 strategy, IT services company Fujitsu and other top Japanese technology firms are forming a coalition. The coalition is aimed at developing an infrastructure for an open metaverse in Japan.

According to a press release by Fujitsu, the group will be made up of top tech firms like itself and some financial institutions. Fujitsu claims that it will partner with a total of nine other firms including automaker Mitsubishi and international bank Mizuho.

Meanwhile, Fujitsu has also explained the primary goal of the alliance. It says the firms are looking to create an interoperable metaverse structure called RYUGUKOKU (TBD). According to the IT services provider, the structure will be the basis upon which the expansion of the “Japan Metaverse Economic Zone” will be formed.

Furthermore, the metaverse alliance will build the foundation for corporations interested in exploring Web 3.0 marketing opportunities. But not only that. It will also build the framework for those interested in work reforms and customer experience initiatives as well.

Fujitsu Shares What to Expect of the Metaverse Infrastructure

Per Fujitsu’s release, RYUGUKOKU (TBD) will serve as a virtual world and help connect users to various Web 3.0 services. And with its “Auto-Learning Avatars” feature, the platform will also be able to retrieve users’ information. This will help it offer a more personalized metaverse experience.

Additionally, the structure has a “Pegasus World Kit” feature to help users create gamified metaverse experiences. And on top of that, there’s a “Multi-Magic Passport” for user identification. Lastly,  it features seamless payment methods to ensure that the metaverse space has good interoperability.

It might be worth noting that Japan is somewhat keen on integrating the Web 3.0 technology into its national agenda.  This was first revealed last October when Prime Minister Fumio Kishia announced Japan’s plans. At the time, Kishia revealed that the country would be investing heavily in digital transformation services, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. In a similar move, the country’s Digital Ministry also laid plans to create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) a month later. According to the ministry, the plans will help government agencies transition smoothly to Web 3.0.


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