GateGrants Releases Q1 Sponsorship Roundup

April 13, 2022 – Majuro, Marshall Islands

Track live crypto price of 10000+ coins!, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, continues to actively contribute to the expanding blockchain industry across multiple sectors including NFTs, DEX, web 3.0 and more, with various incentives including its GateGrants program.

GateGrants is a division of the ecosystem, which supports creators and developers alike to receive funding and sponsorships that contribute to the creation and development of their projects, as an advanced public chain that boasts of a high security and transparency level, providing them with capital, listing and technical support – as well as a strategic partnership and dedicated marketing services.

As such, GateGrants has recently sponsored ten new promising blockchain projects including Odin Protocol, SEOR, Emiswap, Xdollor, Indexzoo, NFTMuseum, Falafei Coin, XP Network, Histopia and TripleFi, with a total amount of $201,000 during the first quarter of 2022.

These investments are intended to kickstart, as well as encourage, their respective development stages to make even better progress across various blockchain sectors and the advancing technology industry.

One of the selected projects, SEOR Network, is the next generation of decentralized web 3.0 application technology development infrastructure, whose goal is to provide an easy-to-use blockchain technology development platform for users and developers of web 3.0 applications, creating a convenient and secure middleware service.

With the sponsorship and funding from the GateChain ecosystem, SEOR Network aims to lower the threshold for developers in traditional fields to enter the blockchain world.

XP.NETWORK is an ecosystem centered around a multi-chain bridge for minted NFTs, bridging the gap between blockchains and allowing NFTs to flow freely across networks. With the help of GateGrants and the GateChain ecosystem, XP.NETWORK looks forward to developing the foundations for a single global NFT market.

Another beneficiary of the GateGrants program is an easy-to-use perpetual DEX supporting ETH and other altcoins trading up to 25 times leverage  TripleFi, which is set to launch on GateChain in mid-April 2022. Optimistic about the potential of the GateChain ecosystem, the team is committed to becoming the major derivative DEX on GateChain.

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Established in 2013, is one of the oldest leading cryptocurrency exchanges. offers most of the leading digital assets and has over 10 million registered users across the world. It is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges based on liquidity and trading volume on CoinGecko and has been verified by the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI).

Additionally, has been given a rating of 4.5 by Forbes Advisor, making it one of the ‘best crypto exchanges for 2021.’ Besides the main exchange, also offers other services such as decentralized finance, research and analytics, venture capital investments, wallet services and more.


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