H2CryptO Will Answer Your Crypto Questions Anytime, Anywhere

A new crypto platform is launching. Known as H2cryptO, the company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and will provide a string of services and tools through both artificial intelligence (AI) and human support tactics that will help traders make educated decisions about where to go with their crypto investments.

H2CryptO Is Here to Address Your Crypto Concerns

H2cryptO was initially founded in the year 2021 by Georgia Kushner, Jake Perez, and Frederic Rough. The company was in “idea” mode for a long time but is now ready to begin launching its services to customers across the globe. The founders were of the idea that with crypto still being such a new endeavor, traders needed a lot more help with their digital accounts before entering the space fully.

CEO George Kushner explained in an interview:

Less than 300 million people out of almost eight billion have exposure to cryptocurrencies. We are on a global mission to make cryptocurrency investing and trading accessible, easy, and less intimidating for everyone in the world. Once we realized that none of the existing platforms in the cryptocurrency exchange landscape emphasize help, assistance, knowledge, or know-how, we decided an exchange that offers live 24/7/365 client support would have mass appeal, and we immediately knew that was an opportunity to make a real impact. No longer will investors have to face uncertainty within their accounts and portfolios with nowhere to turn for help. Not only is this meaningful for current crypto investors, but it opens the possibilities and makes crypto investing accessible for everyone else.

H2cryptO is offering something that many other exchanges and similar platforms do not: a live chat service that people can utilize 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The idea is that traders and investors can call up the company and get a real person on the phone to help them with whatever issues they are likely facing. They are there to answer questions and provide information that may help them feel more comfortable with crypto trading in the future.

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Trying to Make Crypto Mainstream

The company takes no holidays and features no times where it’s not operating. Customers can call on any day at any time and have their concerns addressed. This is huge given the great number of complaints permeating the space regarding the many crypto exchanges out there – such as Coinbase – that do not employ customer service teams to aid customers when they are having problems.

In addition, the move is likely to bring more mainstream legitimacy and appeal to the arena given many people entering it will now have people they can trust and a platform that will help them with their questions and concerns. Crypto is still very much in the realm of the unknown, but companies like H2cryptO are likely to shift it further and further away.

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