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Nowadays, with the rapid development of the blockchain industry, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, turn out to be more popular due to their various improvements over traditional fiat currencies. Then, if you want to use any of these blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, there is something you need to know about Blockchain Wallets, a digital carrier of cryptocurrency.

In this article, we will focus on the Conception, Function, Source, and Instruction of Blockchain Wallets. Hoping it will help you know something about Blockchain Wallets.

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1. What is a Blockchain Wallet? (Conception)

A Blockchain Wallet is a kind of digital wallet which allows users to store and manage their Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies. Besides, to some extent, Blockchain Wallets can also be treated as the wallet service provided by Blockchain, a software company founded by Peter Smith and Nicolas Cary. In general, a Blockchain Wallet allows transfers in cryptocurrencies, and it also allows you to use it to convert cryptocurrencies back into your local currency. This leads to more convenient transactions.

2. Why do you need a Blockchain Wallet? (Function)

First, a Blockchain Wallet is an important carrier of cryptocurrencies.

Through blockchain-related technologies, cryptocurrencies can be stored in a Blockchain Wallet privately and securely in the form of cryptographic data. When users use cryptocurrencies for transactions, cryptocurrencies can realize currency circulation through the Blockchain Wallets among different users. Based on blockchain cryptography and other related technologies, the whole process of the transaction will become unprecedentedly rapid and secure. Therefore, a Blockchain Wallet plays an important role in the process of users’ cryptocurrency transactions.

Second, a Blockchain Wallet can help and provide you with a more convenient and safe revenue and expenditure experience compared with traditional revenue and expenditure methods.

There are a few problems when you are ready to do any transaction through traditional banking systems. And we guess you must have suffered from these ever as below. On one hand, you would find that transactions could be often slow. And it requires more time and patience, which always drives you crazy. On the other hand, any transaction has to pass through an intermediary, like a bank, that is, there is a central point of failure which can not be avoided. In addition, there are issues like keeping track of all accounts and balances. And the risk also exists that data can get jeopardized, manipulated, or even corrupted across multiple systems where the accounts and balances are maintained. Fortunately, things have changed today. Blockchain Wallets can help you reduce or eliminate these problems based on the Blockchain Wallets’ features of convenience and security mentioned above.

In addition to Blockchain Wallets’ features of convenience and security, there are still other features of Blockchain Wallets, as below. And we will not explain those specifically here. We also hope that readers can try to confirm those features themselves.

  1. A Blockchain Wallet allows instant transactions across geographies barrier-free. Without intermediaries.
  2. A Blockchain Wallet requires low transaction fees. Compared with traditional banks, the cost of transferring funds is much lower.
  3. A Blockchain Wallet allows transactions across multiple cryptocurrencies. This helps easy currency conversions.
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3. How can you get a Blockchain Wallet? (Source)

In general, you can get a Blockchain Wallet through 3 steps below.

First, you need to open an exchange account and buy some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, or others from the exchange account.

Second, you need to choose a platform supporting Blockchain Wallets to set up an account. Or you need to download the app or software if you’re using a mobile or desktop wallet. You’ll be prompted to create security keys that you’ll want to keep in a safe place and keep secret.

Third, you need to transfer those cryptocurrencies you bought from the exchange account into your Blockchain Wallet. For example, if you purchased via Coinbase, there is an option to “send” cryptos. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter the wallet address information and the amount of crypto you wish to move.

After finishing these 3 steps, you can get a Blockchain Wallet for your blockchain-related actions later.

4. How to use a Blockchain Wallet? (Instruction)

First, you can use your Blockchain Wallet to do cryptocurrency transactions with others, or you can connect your Blockchain Wallet to the cryptocurrency market to do more when you are ready to.

Besides, it is a high priority to use a Blockchain Wallet for those who plan on being involved in the blockchain space for any amount of time. Even if you’re simply storing access to your cryptos while you remain invested in them, a Blockchain Wallet should be also used to keep your digital assets safe. You can also consider investing in company stocks involved in the development and use of blockchain technology, by using a Blockchain Wallet to achieve this.

The above is about the sharing of Blockchain Wallets. Thank you for your reading in patience. At the same time, to obtain more information about the blockchain industry, we welcome you to subscribe to and follow us at any time.

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