Here’s Unique New Feature on Cardano: Details

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Arman Shirinyan

Inputs/outputs are now becoming easier to understand thanks to this explorer update Cardano blockchain explorer with numerous visualization features added a new function that will allow users to see the inputs and outputs of any transaction in a convenient way. The feature makes each transaction more transparent and helps users to understand the eUTxO mechanism much better.

The blockchain explorer created by Peter Oravec is not something that most crypto enthusiasts and users got used to as it acts more like a blockchain visualizer, showing what transaction each block includes. With the new feature, you will be able to access the inputs/outputs of transactions with one click, and it does not matter if it is an NFT or a regular transfer.

Inputs and outputs are the backbone of the UTXO accounting model that Cardano utilizes and promotes. Within this model, transactions act to unlock previous outputs and create new ones.

A transaction’s output includes an address and a value, sealed by the signature belonging to an address. After unlocking it, the output can be turned into input and consumed by a new transaction. After they produce new outputs, they get consumed by future transfers.

A transaction input is the output of a previous transaction, as mentioned above. It includes a pointer and a signature that unlocks it. The pointer’s main function is to show the previous transaction output, which moves the chain.

With the solution developed by Oravec, users will be able to see exact outputs and inputs on the network, easily accessing all necessary data for breaking down certain transactions.

With the help of solutions similar to Oravec, Cardano’s ecosystem is becoming more robust and developed. With more access to on-chain data, it will be easier to determine all the needs the network has for future developments.

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