IBATUSD Price Sends a Clear Buy Signal

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Battle Infinity Price Forecast: IBATUSD Price Sends a Clear Buy Signal (November 30)
Today, the IBATUSD pair sends a clear bullish signal that the bulls are still very strong. If the forces from buyers in the market should increase and sustain the coin prices above the $0.003500 supply value, the buying pressure may likely plunge the price to the $0.2000 supply level trend line.

Key Levels:
Resistance Levels: $0.002500, $0.002600, $0.002700
Support Levels: $0.002300, $0.002200, $0.002100

IBAT (USD) Long-term Trend: Bullish (1H)
At the time of writing, IBATUSD is trading in an uptrend in its long-term perspective. The prices are above the moving average lines and have confirmed a bullish momentum breaking the previous high at $0.002499 value.

Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, November 30: IBATUSD Price Sends a Clear Buy Signal

The buy investors actually made a jump to the $0.00241 supply value above the two moving averages during yesterday’s session and sustained it; this really enabled traders to sustain the upward rally.

The momentum continues today as the bulls made a consistent move to a high at the $0.002478 mark above the resistance trend lines as the 1-hourly chart opens today. This shows the high impact of the buy investors on the Battle Infinity market; likewise, the downside risk remained uncertain.

Hence, fresh entries by the buy traders toward the higher side are likely as indicated by the momentum indicator pointing up, the bulls could therefore aim at the psychological level at the $0.2000 value in the upper resistance area in the days ahead in its long-term perspective.

IBAT (USD) Short-term Trend: Bullish (15-Minutes)
Despite the interference of short-term traders in the price flow, the Battle Infinity market on the lower time frame market shows a bullish race. The coin price can now be seen progressing upward above the moving averages. This shows that the buyers are currently gaining more strength in the market.

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Battle Infinity Price Prediction for Today, November 30: IBATUSD Price Sends a Clear Buy Signal

Today, the bulls made an upward move to the $0.002475 high value above the two EMAs as the 15-minutes chart opens. The cryptocurrency looks promising as the bulls remain dominant in the market at the moment. If the bulls should increase their price action, and bullish momentum is sustained far above the resistance trend lines, further bearish sentiment will be hibernated.

Additionally, the daily stochastic remains in an upward direction. Hence, if the coin buyers manage to break above the $0.03500 supply trend line, the market participants may witness a new recovery rally and this may reach a high at the $0.2000 mark soon in its lower time frame. This signals a BUY trade again in its lower time frame.

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